5 Top Tips To Acquire More Customers Online

Are you looking to reach and acquire more customers online for your business?

It doesn’t matter if you already own a business website or you are just starting out. If you’re looking to be successful in today’s competitive business world you must have an effective online presence that continuously acquires new customers.

If you use the right strategies, you can dramatically boost traffic to your website and attract more customers and generate sales.

To help you get more customers online, we have listed the top 5 most effective tips that help you get more traffic to your site

Optimise For User Experience

Optimising for user experience can be very beneficial for your business as it increases retention and also boosts conversion rates that enable you to increase sales and revenue.

For example, Nicky Cornell furniture store is using the live chat feature on their website to boost user experience. It helps users stay on the site and ask any product or service-related questions with the support team.

It also helps the business to generate more sales and revenue. Moreover, they are also using responsive design and other UX optimisation methods like great content.

There are many tactics to improve your site’s UX, here are some of them:

  1. Make your site mobile responsive.
  2. Simplify your design.
  3. Add engaging content.
  4. Use social media profile links.
  5. Avoid and remove dead links (404) from the site.

Prepare Comprehensive Content

Content marketing is effective for every business and creating comprehensive content helps businesses acquire new customers and also retain existing ones.

Adding good content on the website allows users to trust your business and stick longer on the site which also enhances the visit duration and also decreases the bounce rate of your website.

Content also helps in generating more leads for your business. Also, SEO optimised content helps your site rank in good positions over the SERP.

A great example of using comprehensive content is Kangs Solicitors. They are using detailed content on their service pages like asset tracing and recovery solicitors that allows customers to learn more about the service they are looking for online.

Leverage The Power of Copywriting

Copywriting is a great art of presenting words together to engage more customers. You can use copywriting to engage the audience to sign up for free trials, newsletters, and also buy a product.

Artistique is one of the top illustration agencies that uses excellent copywriting in their service pages such as the editorial illustration page that engage visitors and convert them into potential customers. The bold line “Extra! Extra! Editorial Artists for You!” is a perfect example of great copywriting.

Use Short Contact Forms

A lot of webmasters forget to optimise the contact forms on the website and they also forget the importance of contact form optimisation. A contact form is a form that allows customers or visitors to contact the business. Hence, it is a must to optimise the contact form in order to acquire more customers.

Businesses use different kinds of contact forms on their website, some use large contact forms and some sites use simple and easy-to-fill contact forms.

Short contact forms tend to be easy to fill and also convert more. We can see Walpole Financial’s contact form that has a simple design that is also matching with the website theme colour. Also, the contact form header or title says “Quick Query” which convinces visitors to fill out the form.

Moreover, they are also using the perfect position for the contact, that is right. On the left side, they have mentioned the business contact details like phone number, email ID, and address.

Make Your Website Easy To Navigate

Navigation has the power to make or break your website and its overall performance, especially when it’s about retaining customers.

Having strong navigation on the site makes it easy for customers or visitors to find the information easily without much effort. Also, it helps in the fast indexing of your website information or pages on search results.

A great example of excellent navigation is Internal Doors UK site which is easy to navigate a website for visitors. They are using many navigational links on their site menu that help users find the information they are looking for.

Moreover, on their homepage, they have multiple internal links to many pages on their site such as the glazed internal doors that make it easy for visitors to navigate to important landing pages.


Whether you are offering services or selling digital products, every business needs customers to get the desired success. You can use all of the above strategies that will help you generate more customers for your business.

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