18 Unique Gifts For An 18th Birthday

An eighteenth birthday is a significant landmark. When you’re eighteen, you’re officially considered an adult, you become legally entitled to do a whole range of things, and you get seen in a slightly different way by your friends, family, and peers.

Marking this occasion in the right way means picking out the right eighteenth birthday card, along with the right gift. Let’s take a look at a few worthwhile candidates.

Personalised Jewellery Box

Anything personalised is always a winner, and a good quality jewellery box is likely to be kept for life, even as our tastes in jewellery evolve.

Care Package of favourite things

A care package should include a diverse selection of goodies that can be enjoyed in isolation. These might include candles, favourite edible snacks, and perhaps a few choice items that chime with their personal tastes and hobbies.

Comfy Slippers

You can never have too many slippers, particularly during wintertime.

Personalised Playlists

Include songs with sentimental value. If you’ve been to festivals and gigs together, pick out the highlights.

Scratch-off maps

Scratch-off maps are perfect for travellers. With the help of the right map, you can explore all of the cheeses, beers and gins the world has to offer.

Personalised Water Bottle

Going down the personalisation road again, water bottles are a great choice for the person in your life who needs to stay hydrated. Which, it turns out, is just about everyone.

Red-letter experiences

Eighteen-year-olds need to have their horizons broadened and a red-letter day out is a great way to do it, whether it’s a helicopter ride, a day at the track, or a bungee jump.

Matching jewellery

A seamless, welded bracelet signifies a fairly permanent commitment. Since there’s no clasp, you won’t be able to take it off – but then you won’t risk losing it, either.

Custom phone cases

A custom phone case means never confusing your phone with someone else’s and less risk from dropping it, too.

Home fragrances

A home should look and smell inviting. Candles, incense and other sources of fragrance are therefore essential.


Greenery is proven to bolster your mood, and it looks great, too. No home should be without it!


Fashion sunglasses might look the part and designer ones are worth considering, too.

Sports gear

If you’re shopping for a fitness fanatic, then picking up some equipment might be a wise move. Gym shark and other brands have made the market extremely competitive.

Personalised face cushion

Cushions that are personalised with someone’s face can make for a humorous gift, as well as a sentimental one.

Mini fridge

Miniature fridges can be used either to store drinks or non-edible items like face masks and rollers.

Karaoke set

Who doesn’t love karaoke? If you’re shopping for a singer then a karaoke set will provide hours of fun.

Bongo’s Bingo

Going out for a night of bingo and drinks can be enormous fun. You could even win yourself a hoover, which is sure to come in handy during a life of adulthood.

Vanity Mirror

Being eighteen means looking your best and a vanity mirror will help you to do it. Get one that’s magnified on either side.

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