10 Value Addition Tips Worth Considering When Staging Your Property

The significance of staging your home (preparing it for potential buyers to view) cannot be overstated. It is a strategy that can help you land a quick sale and can be the icing on top of the cake that sees you make a profitable sale.

If you are wondering how to execute it, below are a few staging tips worth trying that can help increase the value of your property and boost your chances of a fast sale – though if you find these unattainable for any reason, know all hope is not lost! You can, instead, partner with an Atlanta cash home buyer (or similar service in your area) to sell your home quickly, regardless of its current condition, saving you both time and money.

However, if you do find yourself with more time, here are some things you should be tackling during the staging process:

1. Declutter – But Do Not Depersonalise

It is easy for a home to have accumulated some excess stuff. If that is the case for your property, then you need to rid of some of these items. You can give away some and put others in storage. The objective is to create a setting that allows people to envisage what your home would look like when they start living in it. It is hard for them to do this when the place is empty. Therefore, you can help them place a few things here and there in each room.

As you declutter, be mindful not to rip off every ounce of personality in your home. Think of the basics that would make potential buyers feel right at home in your property. Image the kind of lifestyle that may be suitable to the property you are selling and show the attractive qualities that support such. While at it, get rid of any bulky items that can potentially make a room feel small. It would be ideal to opt to use small, stylish furniture.

Check out AnyJunk if you are looking for assistance in clearing some few items in your home. They offer household rubbish removal services and can send a crew to do same day collection in your property.

2. A Fresh Lick Of Paint

You can give the interior a facelift or revitalization by giving it a fresh paint job. Play safe by opting to use neutral colours that will make the home feel bigger and well lit. Such a presentation can aid the viewers to imagine how they can settle in and arrange the place to suit their needs and preferences.
Moreover, it can be a selling point since it is a factor that buyers will take into account since they will not have to update the walls immediately they buy and move into the place. Some of the top colours worth considering include lime green, tangerine orange, or bright purple. You can use this strategy to even create a good first impression by painting the front door with a bright colour.

3. Fix And Clean

You should inspect the property for any damages and necessary repairs. Fix the broken window seals, the faulty doorknobs, holes in the walls, cracked tiles, and replace the threadbare carpets. Most homebuyers will opt to purchase a property that needs little to no changes. So fix the floors, ceiling, doors, windows, walls, and essential fixtures and installations. Then you can shift your focus on cleaning up the place and getting rid of any dirt, stains, and odours.

Do not forget to also tidy up around the yard. Cut the grass and clear the bushes; clean the patio and any outdoor furniture removing dirt and lichen. Also, consider doing a bit of landscaping to liven up the grounds to make the property visually appealing to potential buyers. Make then imagine spending most of their time in the garden when at home for holidays and at the weekends.

4. Update The Kitchen

May homebuyers will be keen when inspecting the home, giving a high priority to the kitchen. Of the square footage you have in your property, none beat what you will have for the kitchen. Therefore, doing some bit of remodelling, and updating the kitchen can help convince potential buyers that they are making the right investment.

For instance, you can cut costs by refacing the cabinetry as opposed to installing a new one. Resurfacing the kitchen countertops can also work. However, take the expensive route or introducing new things may be better since it potentially can add serious value to your home.

When staging the kitchen, you should take out the bulky appliances and leave a few kitchenware in the cabinets. Place a bowl of fruit on the countertop, and ensure the kitchen skin is spotlessly clean and shiny.

5. Light And Air

Installing wall mirrors, say in the bathroom, can make the room feel bigger and well lit. It is a strategy that works in smaller rooms and the hallways. As you consider utilising the mirrors, remember they work best with ample natural light. Therefore, you need to clean your windows inside and out and ensure you place light shears and curtains that allow in the natural light. Also, do not forget to replace any burnt out or broken bulbs. To stage the bathroom, when doing the lighting, you can place a soft lamp on the shelf so that it creates a soothing glow.

6. Garden Room or Summer House

If you won a garden room or summer house, then ensuring that is highly presentable can be a great way to lure people into your home and encourage them to purchase. If you want ideas on how they should or can look – check out this – quick-garden.co.uk/wooden-summerhouses.html

7. Make It Look Pretty

As a reminder, you should remember to dress up the windows with curtain, drapes, or blinds. Naked windows rob the interior of its personality and make the place feel run down. You can as well throw in some few potted plants and flowers into the mix. Place these on the window racks so that they can help bring in some life and colour into a room.

8. Get The Right Smells

Fowl smells will be a sure turn off for interested homebuyers. So rather than trying to cover such odours up, you should identify and get rid of their sources. That means you need to wash the bins, empty the trash cans, keep the dishwasher clean, and get rid of all cooking smells in the kitchen. Also, remove the old smelly furniture and those that look faded or are embedded with cigarette smoke.

Use some vinegar in bowls that you place strategically around the house to help get rid of the smell of smoke. Conversely, you can counter the irritative odours by introducing sweet, calming scents. If you can, make some brownies or fresh bread and some fresh coffee for your viewers and let that smell resonate throughout the place to make it feel homey.

9. Showing The Property

Consider enlisting the services of an experienced and reputable local real estate agent. Allow them to show your home since they are in a line of work that major is knowing the things that homebuyers want in a property they think of purchasing. Moreover, they are well equipped to answer any questions that the potential buyer may have. To enhance your property’s visibility and appeal, you might want to consider an Estate agent website design. This can provide a professional and user-friendly platform for showcasing your property to potential buyers.

10. Obvious Conversions

Lastly, you may need to consider doing some apparent conversions. For instance, you can upgrade the garage into an office, or create a new room in the loft. Look at which area you can convert and see how you can take advantage of that cash cow.

Keep in mind that home improvement can be expensive, and you need to see how they will add value to your property before listing it in the real estate market. Check with estate agents and with the Federation of Master Builders to know which upgrades can increase the value of your home and are not that expensive to implement.

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