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How did you become a model/blogger with a focus on curly hair?

I’m TV presenter, host and broadcaster by day. The exposure from the channels that I work on lead to a social media platform, which in turn attracted the hair brands.

How many hours a week do you dedicate to working on your brand/business and websites?

5 years ago I quit my day job to chase my dream of becoming a presenter. I spent at least 2/3 hours a day building my website, reaching out to different channels, creating a showreel, all sorts. Now my brand is established I don’t do as much but still give myself the goal of achieving one task a day that helps towards what I want to be doing in the future. Even if it’s just sending one email, every little bit counts.

What advice would you recommend to other budding entrepreneurs?

Don’t give up. See failures as successes and learn from them. Learn from people who have done it before you. Stay humble and ask questions.

Is there anyone who has been particularly influential or inspirational to you in your career?

In the beginning – Reggie Yates, because I wanted to be the female version of him! Now that I’m pregnant and becoming a mum I would say any woman who manages to balance motherhood and a career is an inspiration.

What shops do you rely on for your wardrobe?

Lots of vintage shops at the moment, I’m really trying to invest in sustainable fashion and buying better quality pieces that last longer. Zara is my guilty pleasure though!

What shops do you like to visit in west London, and why?

I like art shops and portobello market for vintage goodies! The farmer’s market in Queen’s Park on a Sunday is heaven on earth!

Any favourite outfits?

Now that I’m 5 months pregnant none of my clothes fit me, it’s so sad! I’m currently living in my velour Adidas tracksuit. If trackies aren’t appropriate then it’s a maxi dress with trainers. Comfort is key!

What are your go-to products for making curly hair look its best?

For shampooing and conditioning, I like We Are Paradoxx products because they are 90% natural and plastic-free. For curl care, the Boucleme Intensive Moisturiser is great, and for styling, I use different products daily trying to figure out what works best for my curl type. Some of my go-to’s are the John Frieda Curl Defining Cream and the Boucleme Curl Cream.

Where do you get your hair looked after in London?

I only trust one person to cut my hair: that’s Joleigh at Curl Talk in Brick Lane.

What would you recommend for curly hair girls who want a head full of lush curls?

Go and see Joleigh at Curl Talk… she can revive any curl! Also, remember that every curl is different: the products that some curly girls use might not work for you so you just have to test lots of different ones to find one that’s best for your hair. I’m still on that journey myself to be honest! Curls, and hair in general, can change as your hormones do, so really try and be present with your hair and understand what it needs at different points in your life.

Where do you go to let your hair down?

Portugal, where my mum and dad live. Their place is in the middle of nowhere and it’s the only place I can really switch off. I always turn my phone off when I’m there, it gives me such clarity and headspace.

What do you do to stay in shape?

I hate the gym. I’m not motivated. Instead, I do the occasional PT session to encourage me and then I go to classes at BLOK, Shoreditch. The classes are so much fun and showers are sensational.

What made you start blogging?

The realisation that I actually have a platform where people are listening to me. I had the chance to promote positivity and to share honest reviews about products and brands. I only work with brands whose products I love and use regularly.

What is your preferred camera to work with?

I just launched a YouTube Channel, “I’m Pregnant, What Now?” I’ve been using the Canon G7x to blog with, it’s amazing. So simple for tech amateurs like me.

What do you enjoy most about doing brand partnerships?

The honest truth? That it enables me to keep presenting when I go through quiet patches. I’m so lucky to have that to fall back on financially.

What does 20/20 have in store for Nush Cope?

It’s the year of the woman! Female empowerment all the way. I’m here to prove that women can have it all.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Hoping to be really sure of myself and my brand post-pregnancy. Helping women all over the world and hopefully travelling more, discovering more cultures and ways of living. Knowledge is power.

You can follow Nush Cope on Instagram or over on her vlog.

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