The Best Planners for 2020

As we head towards the second month of this new decade, how many of you are still on track with your goals and resolutions?

Research shows that many people struggle to maintain their resolutions for longer than a week, and fewer than 1 in 10 will maintain their goal until the end of the year. If you can relate, it’s not because you are weak or useless; it’s because you’re approaching it in the wrong way and don’t have the right support. It’s all very well having goals and resolutions but they will amount to nothing unless you have a realistic framework to help make them a reality.

Jasmine Pradhan has road-tested some of the best productivity planners for 2020 to help you get organised, avoid overwhelm, and stay on track with all the wonderful things you are trying to achieve. These planners help you do just that; think of them as an accountability coach in your handbag, who is constantly reminding you to stay on track, celebrate your wins, and help you to gain a perspective on your projects that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

The Get Your Sh*t Together Journal by Sarah Knight, £14.99

This is a journal that’s perfect for getting you out of a rut. Via a series of pretty simple but very effective self-reflection exercises, you are walked through a process that helps you to work out what you want and then the best way to go out and get it. If there are areas of your life/relationship/career/etc. that feel unsatisfactory and you want some help changing the story to create a life that feels amazing, then this is the perfect journal for you. It’s beautifully produced with high-quality paper and a finish that feels almost too good to write in. Plus, there is a good dose of humour and friendly encouragement from Knight peppered throughout that will make working through it as enjoyable as it is effective.

In a nutshell: Its has a feel-good theme and is peppered throughout with straight-talking encouragement. This is more of a workbook than a daily planner; perfect for getting clear on what it is you want to plan in more detail with the planners below.

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Ponderlily 2020 Planner, £35

So even though 2020 – and therefore this planner – is already underway, Ponderlily’s offering is highly recommended for anyone who wants to feel organised and on top of their to-do list on a day to day basis. Its week-to-view double-page spreads are broken down into days and then hour-long time slots so that you can fill in all your appointments and really use your time intentionally. On each weekly view, there is space for you to list the week’s most important to-do’s, track up to 5 positive habits with a very satisfying tick-box system, and list your priorities for each day. There are also monthly calendar pages so that you can get a birds-eye-view of your month to come.

There are pages at the beginning and end of each month to reflect on what you’d like to focus on, people you’d like to connect with, places you’d like to go etc. This really helps you to stay present with your life and to get a clear view of what’s working and what’s not. The planner is beautifully put together and made from eco-friendly materials; it has an uncluttered appearance that is practical and friendly to use. It will take you all the way through to the end of the year with clarity and focus.

In a nutshell: It’s uncomplicated to use (some planners can get very technical), a good size and weight that makes carrying it with you easy, and it functions like the calendars/diaries you’re probably used to with some bonus sections that encourage good time management and habit implementation.

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Self Journal by Best You, $37.99

The Self Journal by Best You is designed to help you reach your goals with consistent action. The 13-week roadmap laid out for you in this undated (i.e start it any time) planner helps you to break down your goals into daily, monthly and weekly focal points, to track your progress and to reflect on what’s working and what isn’t. Organise your time effectively, see the bigger picture with the monthly overviews, and reflect on your wins and ways to improve.

The layout is clean and functional, and once you’ve familiarised yourself with how to use it (it does come with an instruction manual) the system is easy and satisfying to maintain.

In a nutshell: Perfect for anyone that has a clear goal in mind and wants helps to organise their minds and time in the most strategic and productive manner possible. If you follow the framework in this planner you can’t fail to move closer to your goals.

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Daily Planner by Clever Fox, £19.99

The Clever Fox Daily planner is an absolute steal at under £20. Don’t be fooled by it’s lower price point though. This comprehensive planner begins with space to reflect on your aspirations and life and professional goals. There is ample space provided to envision the year ahead in a creative and holistic way, after which you’re encouraged to break down your goals into manageable chunks. This section is followed by 12 monthly calendar view pages, and then a year’s worth of weekly and daily pages where you can manage your schedule, track your habits, rate your productivity and set your priorities for the week/day.

In a nutshell: This is a brilliant choice for anyone on a budget who doesn’t want to compromise on quality. With an equal focus on professional and personal life, this planner will help you achieve the work-life balance you’re seeking. It comes in a range of different colours and comes with a set of stickers to make it visually appealing and fun to use.

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Bold Full Focus Planner by Megan Hyatt Miller, $49.99

The Bold Full Focus Planner is a quality planner that covers a 90 day productivity period. Undated, so that you can start your journey to better organisation and productivity at any time, the planner opens with space for you to get a birds-eye view on your life by setting detailed goals, identifying your ideal week, and getting clear on your daily routines and habits. There are monthly calender-style overview pages so you can see what the month has stored at a glance, and then there’s a full double spread for each day with space for habit tracking, concise time management, prioritisation and note-taking. Every week ends with a double-page spread of questions to help you asses your progress and pitfalls and to plan the week ahead to keep you on track with your goals.

In a nutshell: The Bold Full Focus Planner is the brainchild of productivity expert, Megan Hyatt Miller and does not disappoint. It is beautifully presented and covered in elegant European leather, laid out in an incredibly user-friendly way and is highly portable (not too heavy or fragile to be carried around in a handbag). If you have a bit more to spend and are looking for something as stylish as it is effective then this is the planner for you. Ever planner covers a 90 day quarter, or you can sign up for a subscription service where you’ll receive quarterly orders to cover the whole year.

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Original Planner by Daily Greatness, £44.95

The Original planner by Daily Greatness combines a yearly diary, goal and appointment planner, and daily tools for self-mastery. There are eight daily steps of meditation and visualisation, intentions, dream journaling, gratitude, evening self-awareness questions, exercise, inspired actions and inspiration to follow. The weekly and quarterly check-ins keep you committed, accountable and motivated. With a yearly review, that celebrates your achievements and highlights new opportunities for the coming year, each stage laying the foundations for achieving self-mastery, reaching your goals and finding and following your purpose.

In a nutshell: This planner is for someone who wants daily personal development nudges; more than a time management tool or a roadmap towards goals, this planner encourages a strategic holistic transformation through committed daily action. Perfect for reflecting on your life and using your findings to more fully understand who you are and what you need to do to in order to live your best life.

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Desire Map Planner by Danielle LaPorte, $50

This offering from Danielle LaPorte is designed for conscious living. The daily prompts encourage you to align your thoughts and actions with your “Core Desired Feelings” (there are worksheets to help you work out what they are.) There’s ample room for the day’s schedule, plus space to identify your Top 3 Important Tasks. There are also prompts to get you thinking about your physical and spiritual wellness, as well as space to reflect on your daily Gratitude. There are weekly and monthly reflection pages and an astrology guide.

In a nutshell: This planner is perfect for feeling your way through the year. Helping you to get clearer on the kind of life you want to create and teaching you to align your actions with those core desired feelings in order to feel fulfilled and happy.


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