January Must Haves

This January, whatever your resolutions, don’t suffer your way through the most depressing month. Jasmine Pradhan has rounded up her favourite January Must-Haves to keep you healthy, happy and looking and feeling your best.

Three Spirit Collection

Dry January has never tasted so good! Three Spirit drinks are not just another alcohol-free alternative to the real thing; they are refined and delicious beverages in their own right. Made from all-natural ingredients and blended into three varieties each designed to enhance your experience; from the energising ‘Livener’ for pre-party prep to the mood-elevating ‘Social Elixir’ for when your night is in full swing, right through to the ‘Nightcap’ blend that soothes, calms and relaxes. The drinks can be made into cocktails or enjoyed over ice. You might never go back.

Three Spirit Collection available from www.threespiritdrinks.com

Proviz Reflect360 Cycling Jacket

This cycling jacket is made of state-of-the-art material that will keep you safe on the roads without compromising on style. Utilising millions of tiny, highly reflective glass beads, the innovative material used for the REFLECT360 Performance Cycling Jacket is exceptionally visible when lights are shined upon it making you appear bright white when caught in a vehicle’s headlights. When not lit up the jacket looks perfectly normal and is comfortable, lightweight and breathable.

Shop the Proviz range (they also make gear for running) at www.provizsports.com

Nourished Vitamin Stacks

If more energy and better health were on your resolutions list this year then look no further than Nourished personalised vitamin stacks. There is so much to be excited about regarding this product; they are fully customisable to your individual wellbeing needs, 3D printed, sugar-free, allergen-free, vegan, UK produced, impressively bio-available and they taste absolutely delicious.

Create your own stack and get two weeks free over at www.get-nourished.com

Cotton-Cashmere Stripe Tie Hoody from The White Company

Winter days call for cosy loungewear, and it doesn’t get more luxurious than this cotton-cashmere sport-luxe hoodie. Perfect for cold winter evenings snuggled up on the sofa and stylish enough to wear out and about as an extra snuggly layer.

Available from www.thewhitecompany.com

Organic Ceremonial Matcha Set from The Teamakers

With this organic ceremonial matcha tea set, you can enjoy a moment of mindfulness as you create your morning drink (and kick the coffee habit while you’re at it). Researchers have found that the concentration of the antioxidants available from drinking matcha is 10 times greater than the amount available from other fine green teas. Matcha is also said to boost metabolism and help reduce cholesterol levels when it is drunk regularly. It also provides a more sustained energy release than coffee, leaving you feeling awake and alert with none of the jitters.

Available from www.theteamakers.co.uk

Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Headphones

2020 is the year of the truly wireless headphones. No more faffing around trying to untangle wires, or accidentally yanking out your earphones while adjusting your clothing. These earbuds have a 5-hour battery life, plus an extra 10 hours via their (included) charging case. They also have an excellent and highly rated microphone inbuilt, which makes taking calls on the go a breeze.

Available from www.jabra.co.uk

OnGuard+ Softgels by doTERRA

OnGuard+ is a great way to strengthen and maintain healthy immune function when seasonal threats are high. Encapsulated in vegetarian softgels, this distinctive blend contains essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system and their ability to protect against environmental threats.

Available from www.doterra.co.uk


allplants Meal Delivery Service

Trying out Veganuary but finding it hard to come up with tasty and nutritious meals to cook every night? Try the frozen meal delivery service from allplants. Choose from a menu of over 20 dishes that utilise sustainably-sourced ingredients and borrows secrets from worldwide cuisines, curated in a London kitchen by professional chefs and delivered to your door.

Available from www.allplants.com

Organic Whole Plant Extract CBD Oil from Sourced

CBD Oil has a whole range of health benefits and is a particularly effective natural remedy for stress and anxiety. If you want to start the new year feeling relaxed and at ease, give this organic whole plant extract CBD oil a try.

Available from www.sourcecbd.shop

Pro Hydration Set from Facetheory

Although technically a gift set, this selection of goodies is exactly what your own parched winter skin is crying out for. Facetheory products are cruelty-free, sustainably packaged and free from harmful parabens and chemicals. You’ll be glowing your way through January in no time.

Available from www.facetheory.com

Sheepskin Slippers from Sheepers

So you’ve been out for your new-year’s-resolution run, cooked yourself some healthy food, ticked things off your goals list…but what about looking after yourself? These handmade artisanal sheepskin slippers are the ultimate way to feel good this January. Just thinking about the soft, warm coziness of good slippers makes us glow from the inside out, and these are true luxury for your hardworking feet. You’ll never want to take them off.

Available from www.sheepers.co.uk

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