Nine things to get us ready for warmer weather

DrBK Skin C+ Maximum Strength Vitamin C Serum, £85

Using clinically proven L-ascorbic acid at its peak concentration of antioxidant activity, the serum quickly absorbs and de-activates free radicals to prevent skin damage, helping to brighten skin and promote collagen to maintain a youthful appearance. The formulation is also supported with ferulic acid to create this light yet effective day serum, key to those who want to prevent future signs of ageing.

We test-drove this super serum and found a noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture within just two weeks! Immediately absorbed, and great under any moisturiser, it’s the ideal protective and preventative step to ensure you look your best in ten years time, as well as tomorrow. Moreover, my skin looked lit from within – youth in liquid form!

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St Moriz Professional Fast Lotion (and range), from £4.99

When St. Moriz first entered the UK market, it was dominated by just a handful of very expensive fake tan brands. St. Moriz established a high quality product but ensured that this was affordable and accessible to everyone in both price and range of products for every skin tone! Their Professional 1 Hour Fast Lotion is a must-have if you’re short on time. Your tan will develop in as little as 1 hour for a light sun-kissed shade, 2 hours for a golden glow or 3+ hours for a deeper, darker bronzed tan. The guide colour makes it super easy to see where you have applied the lotion, helping you to achieve a streak-free finish and avoid any tanning mishaps. Added Aloe Vera & Vitamin E provide moisture to the skin, helping to keep your tan looking flawless and glowing for days.

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ALTERNA Moisture Haircare, prices start from £26.49

ALTERNA have a comprehensive of products available when trying to achieve that laminated, incredibly glossy and lustrous hair look. Within this range they have a Smoothing Anti-Frizz collection that contains a Shampoo, Conditioner and a Multi-Styling Air Dry Balm, which when all used together creates luxuriously smooth and shiny strands. These products also include a blend of Caviar extract and nourishing oils to condition the hair, provide it with less frizz and make it more manageable, smooth and shiny.

Caviar is rich in Omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals helping to defend and protect against the factors that cause hair to look and feel older: physical, chemical and natural aging and therefore, these products are perfect for achieving that youthful, fresh, glossy hair look that resembles that of the hair lamination treatment but without having the commitment of having to go to the salon every few weeks/month to get the treatment. A perfect alternative in these lockdown months for achieving the look at home!​

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ZO Skin Health Sunscreen + Powder SPF 30, £54

SPF in the beauty industry continues to be one of the fastest growing categories, and in an addition to its health benefits such as protecting the skin from UV rays all year round, there is now an on-going trend to create SPFs which are more in-line with our lifestyle needs, with “touch-up” formulas to see our skin protected throughout the day. ZO Skin Health Sunscreen and Powder has been developed to do more for the skin; offering free-radical, blue light and environmental protection, a sunscreen which is barely detectable on the skin, and a product for on-the-go sunscreen touch-up to achieve an oil-free complexion. This is the latest in Triple-Spectrum Protection for superior skin defence against UV rays, with a touch of luminosity for instant complexion perfection. Infused with advanced colour-enhancing pigments, the SPF has been designed to maintain hydration, absorb surface oil to minimise shine and provide buildable coverage for an even complexion. It’s also available in three universal shades, for all skin types.

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Green People Sun & Travel Collection, £39.00

In perfect hand luggage friendly sizes, these natural sun lotions and after sun are suitable for those prone to prickly heat.  The Sun & Travel collection includes: Scent-free organic sun lotion SPF30 with high-protection that’s perfect for sensitive skin, Sun Lotion SPF15 with natural tan accelerator that increases tanning rate by 25%, and Hydrating After Sun to soothe sun-dehydrated skin in need of a moisture boost.

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Sensica Sensilight Pro Device, £375.00

We’re all looking forward to getting out of our houses, but there are still some things we’d prefer to do from home. Say goodbye to waxing and get ready for your summer wardrobe with this clever device. The Sensilight PRO has been created to give you the same results achieved in a professional spa and is clinically proven for at-home use, with unlimited flashes. The RPLTM technology inside every Sensilight PRO has been designed with both effectiveness and safety in mind. A cordless design gives you full freedom of movement, and the battery life gives up to 600 flashes between charges which can cover a full body in one charge!

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Peep Club Instant Relief Eye Spray, £15

You haven’t imagined that feeling of strain in your eyes after a long day of screen time, these symptoms have a name – Dry Eye Syndrome – a condition that is affecting up to 80% of consumers. A concerning thought, especially when screen use has increased by 187% over these past three lockdowns.

Peep Club Instant Relief Dry Eye Spray has been formulated with Wild Harvested Colourless Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate, both of which have been clinically proven to relieve symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome. These dual-active ingredients work in tandem to hydrate eyes on both the inside and the outside. Sea Buckthorn Oil slowly spreads across the tear film to help lock in the moisture of tears, which helps to naturally protest eyes from drying. Sodium Hyaluronate works by both strengthening tears and protecting them at a cellular level, fortifying tear fluid for better hydration throughout the day and also working on the surrounding eyelid and under eye area, to help hydrate, plump and protect the barrier of the delicate eye skin.

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LubriSyn HA+, £44.95

Lubrysyn is backed by revolutionary science, making it unique to the products which are currently available. This Hyaluronic acid is found in cartilage and the fluid surrounding joints, essential for maintaining the body’s overall mobility and to reduce joint pain. It’s no secret that as we age our joints become more painful and this is due to the depletion of Hyaluronic acid. Drinking LubriSyn HA+, which has been bio-identically matched to the Hyaluronic acid in our bodies and has the power to relieve arthritis symptoms in as little as 7-10 days.
Taking once daily and producing no side-affects, LubriSyn HA+ is the simple solution to a difficult problem. Available in original and grape flavour, LubriSyn HA+ is 100% vegan and gluten-free, with the brand choosing to source Hyaluronic acid from a microbial source as opposed to obtaining from animals. Due to this, LubriSyn HA+ is free from protein contamination which causes other supplements containing Hyaluronic acid to break down.

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Purgo CBD Oil Drops, £59.99

Purgo CBD cultivars utilise the strictest, most ethical, organic compliant cultivation methods to create the richest full phytocannabinoid hemp oil available. Unmatched in its purity, efficacy and quality, our CBD attempts to combat changes in the body on a quest to restore balance. Scientific and clinical research has shown that CBD could impact both our physical and mental health, targeting common complaints including arthritis, insomnia, chronic pain, stress and much, much more. Derived from Full Spectrum Hemp, this unique formula is mixed with MCT Coconut Oil to offer an incredibly pure taste and aroma.

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