Mary Katrantzou & Gianvito Rossi

Mary Katrantzou is the undisputed queen of print. She may have taken a hiatus from this trusted formula in the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection she showcased at London Fashion Week, but have no fear; her heart remains loyal to vivid, brightly coloured patterns and imagery.

For proof of this you need look no further than her first ever foray into footwear. Teaming up with Italian shoe master, Gianvito Rossi, she has created a line of graphic prints that juxtapose perfectly with Rossi’s clean, elegant lines.


The pair’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection is both wearable and show stopping, and exudes the kind of vibrancy Katrantzou has become so synonymous with. Using fabrics that also appeared in her S/S 2014 line, the range consists of cut out lace ups, desert boots and the perfect pumps – Rossi’s signature style. The results are visually striking, and testament to how two designers can successfully enhance each other’s talents.


The ideal shoes for a sunny summer day, all we need to do now is fast forward a few months. Or hope she launches a range of umbrellas soon.

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