Four-Eyed Fashion: Designer Glasses

We can’t change the way our eyes work, some of us have 20:20 perfect vision and others (myself included) need a little assistance to see past their own nose. For those of us who do wear glasses, this shouldn’t become a hindrance to our personal style. In fact if you get it right, they can be the perfect accessory to complete an outfit.

We’ve listed three top designer brands who offer wonderfully chic prescription glasses in a range of colours and shapes to match all styles.

Lindberg have been established since 1969 where their small designer store ‘Lindberg Optik’ was built in the heart of Denmark’s second largest city, Arhus. Ever since then they have been at the forefront of innovative design technology getting regular praise from experts and even the Danish royal family. What I love about Lindberg glasses is that they’re constructed in such a way that their frames don’t need any additional parts like screws or bolts and they’re constructed from lightweight yet robust titanium. There’s something about this clean minimal design that is so typically Scandinavian and really suits an understated colour palette, think charcoals and pastilles.

lindberg 1lindberg 2

Cartier are world-famous for their stunning portfolio of jewellery, watches and other accessories. However their less known foray into eyewear has steadily won praise over the last 30 years as they produce stunning designer glasses to the same high standards. I personally like the gold and brown pairing with retro cross-bar giving that luxurious feeling we so commonly associate with Cartier. Cartier glasses like these go well with darker outfits and would really complement a black dress for a dinner party, perhaps even embellished with some Cartier accessories to complete the 1cartier 2

Paul Smith has risen to the top of designer fashion over the last 10 years and is responsible for some of my favourite catwalk pieces of all time. Their latest subtle floral prints are simply gorgeous and their form-fitting blazers will set AW13 alight. So it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of their thick-rimmed spectacles because they really are a statement piece that suits my style, whilst perhaps not for everyone these bold glasses stand out alongside the loudest of outfits to give some balance. Paul Smith glasses have won approval from critics across the globe and provide a natural extension to their wonderful design style.

paul smith 1 paul smith 2

Images courtesy of Barnard Levit Prescription Glasses.

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