Five UK Fashion Brands You’ll Want to Wear in 2017

In the fast-paced world of fashion, no sooner have you updated your wardrobe with some on-trend pieces than they’ve become dated, with something new taking their place. And the style of the clothing isn’t the only thing that changes—so too do the brands that are creating them.

Each year brands face competition; not just from new emerging brands but also from those we thought were left back in the previous decade. Last year we saw the return of many 90s brands as the sportswear as streetwear style made a comeback.

So, with that in mind, here are five UK fashion brands you will want to be wearing this year…

1. 11 Degrees

11 Degrees is an urban lifestyle brand from the north-east of England that has grown in popularity since appearing on the fashion scene in 2014.

This brand is the place for the latest in modern street style—they have taken the best of sportswear and updated it with a streetwear edge.

The range includes everything from tops and jumpers to jeans and jackets, all branded with the 11 Degrees logo—some across the front while other pieces are much subtler.

2. Illusive London

Illusive London men’s clothing comes from the designers behind SikSilk, following the huge success they have had with that brand. They focus on the male physique with tight cuts and muscular fits.

The clothing comes in quirky prints and patterns, bright colours and darker block-colours, all emblazoned with the Illusive London logo.

If you spend a lot of time in the gym and are looking for clothing to show off all that hard work, this is definitely the brand for you this year.

3. Fred Perry

You would be forgiven for thinking that we are back in the 90s when you see Fred Perry on a list of fashion brands you’ll want to wear in 2017. But, no, much like Ellesse, Fila and Reebok, it started making a coming back last year and is going to continue to be popular this year.

The brand was actually founded way back in 1952 by triple Wimbledon champion Fred Perry, originally designed to be worn on the tennis court. The range includes the iconic classic polo short as well as staple t-shirts, all branded with the Laurel Wreath.

4. Good for Nothing

Streetwear label Good for Nothing has gone from strength to strength ever since arriving on the fashion scene in 2011. All items of clothing feature the brand’s butterfly logo, while a few also have ‘Good For Nothing’ printed across the front.

The brands clothing is comfortable yet stylish—perfect for a laid back look that can be worn anywhere from the gym to the pub. The bright colours and bold patterns will definitely ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

5. Pretty Green

Do you admire Liam Gallagher and aspire to look like him? Now you can! This clothing, inspired by rock‘n’roll, was founded by the iconic former Oasis frontman in 2009.

The brand (named after a track by The Jam) provides simple, classic clothing with a modern twist. Everything in the range is retro in style, inspired by the 90s indie band look.

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