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Fashion’s Bright Forecast

February is such a grey month; it’s time to inject some serious colour into our wardrobes…

Luckily fashion is ready to deliver the bright stuff with a range of popping shades hitting the high street in time for spring.

Don’t be afraid of brights. Find a colour that you love and then ramp it up a few notches by opting for a slightly brighter shade than you would usually pick.

It is important to get the right balance of brights for your body shape as high octane colours will draw attention to problem areas. Pear and hourglass girls can afford to go bright on top while apple shapes should stick to a colourful bottom half.

Not brave enough to go all out? Find some bright accessories and work them into your look. A neon bag or shoes will be enough to give a nod to the trend without stepping out of your comfort zone.

Team your brights with more classic pieces to keep this look grown up and sophisticated.
Bright and breezy, you are your own little sunbeam regardless of the weather.

Rowan McKinnon
Rowan is a Fulham-based personal stylist and owner of style consultancy Style Eyes. www.styleeyesme.blogspot.com; www.styleeyes.me

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