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Dress codes for a casino night

A night at the casino is great fun, but deciding what to wear is quite tough if you have never been to a casino. If you are confused about casino dress codes, here are a few tips to help you out.

Home Casino Parties

If you are hosting a casino night at home, you can turn it into a costume party. You could mention in your invitation that you would like all the men to wear black suits and all the women to wear either red gowns that sweep the floor or elegant black dresses.

Hotel Casino Resorts

Dress codes vary from casino to casino and country to country. While casinos in Nevada permit guests to wear T-shirts and shorts because of the hot Nevada climate, UK casinos prefer their guests to be dressed smartly. Simultaneously, some UK casinos don’t care what their guests wear.

A few casinos have elaborate dress codes. For example, the Star Sydney makes it quite clear that guests should not enter its main gambling area in disguises, face paints, shirts displaying sexually or culturally offensive pictures and slogans, torn and soiled clothes, dirty work clothes, caps and hats, and offensive tattoos. On the contrary, in Atlantic City casinos are least bothered about what you wear as long as it is decent.

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Online Casinos

If you want to play real money games without bothering about dress codes, playing at a real money online casino is the best option for you. Online casinos give you the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate gambling experience in the comforts of home, and you are free to dress exactly as you wish.

You can play in your pyjamas or in your underwear or even in the nude. Moreover, online casinos pamper players with generous bonuses, huge game portfolios, great rewards for loyalty, and lucrative promotions and tournaments.

Call the Casino

If you want to play at a hotel casino resort, visit their website or give them a call to find out if they have a dress code. As previously mentioned, some casinos are not bothered about what you wear, but some will turn you away if you arrive inappropriately dressed. If you are uncomfortable about contacting the casino, enlist the help of friends who have played at the casino or ask one of them to accompany you.

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