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…to Bev Cousins who has won a fantastic set of four UXB indulgent and effective shower creams!

What is less well-known is that in the shower is the best place to nourish the skin and lock in moisture. Once you get it warm and damp your skin swells and gets porous. It is at this point that you have an opportunity to bathe the skin in nutrient-rich oils and active ingredients that will penetrate deeper into the epidermis.

That’s where UXB shower cream comes in.

UXB have designed a range of luxurious body washes formulated with vitamin-rich oils and active ingredients that feed the skin and lock in moisture while in the shower, making the most of this Goldilocks moment.

The range is packed full of sumptuous ingredients targeted at specific skin conditions—Frankincense and Argan for dry skin, Brown Rice Milk and Raw Honey for oily skin, Rosehip and Comfrey to nourish mature skin, and Juniper & Açaí Berry for skin that is exposed to pollution.