King’s Head Theatre, Islington

Play-AI; King's Head Theatre @4Below; 4th August; 9.30pm; Tickets £15

An AI generated play, brand new, probably weird, every time…

Welcome to Play-AI, where comedy and innovation collide in a chaos of creativity!

Immerse yourself in a truly unique experience as our AI generates the script for the evening right before your eyes. With each scene unfolding for the first time in real-time, our award-winning comedy performers scramble to keep up, infusing every moment with spontaneity and surprise. Get ready for an adventure unlike any other, where laughter knows no bounds and the unexpected becomes the norm. Computer says…

Step into the world of Play-AI and prepare to be amazed as comedy takes on a whole new dimension!

Actor/Producer | Emma Richardson


Seana Hever

Emma Richardson

Simon Pothecary

Carly Hendricks

Alex Blackie

Lottie Grogan


Micha Mirto

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115 Upper St, London N1 1QN

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