Disfear, 12 Acklam Rd, London W10 5QS; Friday 6 March; Doors at 7.30pm; £17.50

Disfear got started in 1989 as Anti-Bofors and became a household name when the Tomas Skogsberg-produced “A Brutal Sight Of War” received rave reviews.

Since then, Disfear has released three albums and toured – if not the world – at least great parts of Europé, appearing at countless hedonistic rock festivals where drunk people wear funny hats.

In 2006 Disfear conquered new territory, when a long-awaited tour of USA and Canada finally came about. The new album “Live The Storm” was also recorded over there with Kurt Ballou (Converge) handling the oh so important knob-twiddling. And a great sound it is, dense, dark, yet multi-dimensional.


Alphabeat, 12 Acklam Rd, London W10 5QS; Thursday 2 April; Doors at 7.30pm; £25

One of Denmark’s greatest pop bands is finally back, and they are bringing their critically acclaimed live setup and forthcoming album to London, Brighton and Glasgow in April 2020.

’10.000 Nights of Thunder’, ‘Boyfriend’, ‘The Spell’, ‘Heat Wave’ and of course ‘Fascination’ are some of Alphabeat’s major hits throughout their career. The pop band has returned after five years break and Alphabeat fans can look forward to dancing and singing in 2020.


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