One Night Records: Socially Distanced Live Music

One Night Records: Socially Distanced Live Music; From 2 October 2020 (Booking Open Now); £50 per person (only bookable in groups of 4)

One Night Records, the world’s first Immersive Music venue, present “Lockdown Town”. Every night a different lineup of London’s very best musicians playing never-the-same gigs.

The show begins with Rock & Roll bursting out of the constraints of the 1950s and travels back in time. Audiences will see the devil dance at the crossroads, lose themselves in Trad Jazz, revel in Country and Western, romp to rhythm and blues, and at last arrive spinning into ragtime and Spanish Flu.

An atmospheric reimagining of the music’s origins and context, featuring emerging talent performing their original material alongside the classics.

As London’s first socially distanced immersive event, One Night Records provides a safe environment to spend a night out with four family members or friends at a time, enjoying once again an evening of live music, food and drink.

Stepping into our secret venue, these groups will embark on this specially curated dance through time with the best musicians in London.

Limited spaces for each night are on sale, in ‘household’ groups of four and with staggered arrival times, to ensure social distancing.

For more info and to book your tickets head over to: www.onenightrecords.com

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