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Music Of The Spheres: 8 Kinds Of People You Meet At Coldplay Concert

Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres World Tour” has been breaking attendance records in different cities where the British band has performed before on their previous tours.
It’s no longer news that the “Let Somebody Go” singers have been winning over a lot of fans through their 9th studio album, “Music of the Spheres,” which their 8th career tour is based on. In regards to that, their concerts are now packed with different kinds of people that we will be looking at in this article.

Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres World Tour” has been an interesting journey. We’ve seen and felt what greatness is, and we’ve also seen them do the impossible, LIVE, through their performance of “My Universe,” their 2nd official single through the “Music of the Spheres” album. Entertainment aside, Coldplay will also go down in history as the British band to ensure they campaign for a greener and healthier earth for all its inhabitants. Talking about their sustainability plan, which has made the “Music of the Spheres World Tour,” has lesser CO2 emission compared to their previous tours.​ Everything about Coldplay is currently at its best level, especially when compared to their previous tours. That is why, their “Music of the Spheres concerts” are usually packed full of people.

Some are there as old fans to relive the amazing moments they’ve lived before in Coldplay’s previous tours, while for some, “Music of the Spheres World Tour” is their first time attending Coldplay concerts. We’ve managed to categorize everyone usually present at Coldplay’s concert, and we advise you to be on the lookout for No.6.

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1. Happy People

Yes, arguably 80-90% of the people you’ll meet at Coldplay concerts are going to be happy people. Although this number might drift negatively from time to time, depending on the song performed by Coldplay, there’s a chance that everyone will be a happy person at some point during the concert.

There are hundreds of reasons to be happy at Coldplay concerts. To state the least, the first is the fact that you’re in the presence of one of the greatest British bands to walk the earth.The second is the fact that you have a responsibility as a Coldplayer, which is to either dance on kinetic floors or peddle a stationary bicycle which will in turn generate energy to power the show you’re at. This falls in line with Coldplay’s sustainability plan for the “Music of the Spheres World Tour.”

2. Unhappy People

Even though it is hard to believe, you’ll also come across unhappy people at Coldplay’s concert. Most times, people can’t help but feel sad. These kinds of people fall between the 10 – 20% of people on the concert ground. The unhappiness might be a result of a song performed by Coldplay, and it can be generic. Most times, people feel sad when the person they wanted to attend the concert with couldn’t make it.

Sometimes, one leaves home as happy as they can be, but an event while en route to
Coldplay’s concert will change their state to unhappiness. When you come across such people, you’ll know either by the tears in their eyes or the sadness on their faces.​

3. Dancers

The dancers at Coldplay’s concerts are usually easy to find. Most times, they are the first set of people to jump on the kinetic dance floors that Coldplay has installed for their fans to dance on, to help power a segment of the show.

This set of people dance to any song performed by Coldplay. Whether it’s “Something Just Like This,” or “Fix You.” You’re probably wondering how one dances to “Fix You.” Everything is possible in Coldplay’s concert. Dancers in Coldplay concerts often find spaces wherever they can, to allow them to showcase their dance moves. They sometimes feel like they would’ve done a better job than Coldplay choreographers, if they had the opportunity. You can’t miss them.

4. Jumpers

Jumpers are those sets of people who cannot dance but don’t give a damn anyways. They are just happy to be at Coldplay concerts, and they have a weird way of showing their happiness.This set of people jumps through Coldplay concerts. Whatever song comes on, they start jumping. And on top of it all, they swing their hands while at it.

If you’re not careful, they might step on you or hit you with their hands and not even know it. You’re best advised to stay away from these kinds of people until the music stops. The moment you realize that the person you’re standing next to is a jumper, run for your dear life. But, if the person turns out to be a loved one, the best you can do is to give them space.

5. Lovers

Every concert has this set of people. They usually come in pairs, and stay the duration of the concert together. On rare occasions, two completely random people become lovers at Coldplay concerts and that is a good thing since Coldplay endorses love We’ve seen cases where Coldplay’s Chris Martin gave a fan the stage to propose to his spouse. So safe to assume, Coldplay is a very big fan of lovers. These kinds of people are usually scattered everywhere. They can be happy lovers or sad lovers. And they can be criminal lovers, you just can’t be too sure of which kinds of lovers you’re gonna meet at Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres World Tour” concerts. Be safe.​

6. Thieves

Sadly, not all Coldplayers are good Coldplayers. There are pickpockets who we believe are self-proclaimed Coldplayers since no true Coldplay fan will intentionally rob another Coldplayer of their property. These sets of people are also scattered everywhere. They might be lovers, unhappy and the happiest set of people you’ll come across at Coldplay’s concert.If you’re not lucky, you might even fall in love with one or befriend one until their true intention is made clear to you. So, be careful out there.

7. Sentinels

Sentinels are those sets of people who are not moved by whatever Coldplay does during their concert. Don’t be quick to judge them. It’s not that they are not happy to be there, and they are not sad. That is just how they are. Some of these people might be veterans who are trying to come back to life, while some of these are just random people who are just built differently. You’ll mostly see these kinds of people standing still when everyone else is dancing or jumping, and also find their eyes dry when everyone else is teary and in the moment. This doesn’t mean you’re enjoying the concert any more than they are. As stated earlier, they are just built differently.

8. Emotional People

Lastly, you’ll find the emotional set of people in Coldplay concerts. The difference between these sets of people and unhappy people is that they are not sad, just extremely emotional.Most of them are just overwhelmed by Coldplay’s presence and performance, and the best way for them to show their happiness is by being emotional. One common way is by tearing up, yet having the biggest smile you can think of on their faces, as they sing along with Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

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