Flow Gallery

Solo Show by Kaori Tatebayashi; 1–5 Needham Road, London, W11; Sat 10 Nov---Sun 13 Jan; Tues to Sat 11am--6pm; free

Flow gallery presents Kaori Tatebayashi’s solo exhibition, presenting a series of ‘Still Lives’ echoing the paintings of Dutch Masters. The exhibition explores the idea of fragments in time trapped and encased forever as ceramic objects.

Born in Arita, Japan, Tatebayashi grew up in a family that traded pottery, so ceramics had always been a material for tableware and function for her. Her years studying ceramics allowed her to further explore this material and it meant to her in the form of art.

Tatebayashi says: “Whatever you make in clay, the time in which the object lived stops with the firing in the kiln. What remains after the firing is the lifeless ‘shell’ which can be destroyed at once when dropped or stay permanently if kept intact.”

www.flowgallery.co.uk; 020 7229 8811

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