London Mural Festival

All Around London; Throughout September; Free

The inaugural London Mural Festival (LMF) is confirmed to start in September 2020 with over 150 artists from around the world, painting 50 plus large-scale walls across the capital.

LMF is about art and bringing art to the people, whilst giving artists a legal way to showcase their work in a public gallery.

LMF has been a tremendous task to pull together and will result in one of the world’s biggest celebrations of street art. They hope to help foster a sense of pride in where people live and to bring positivity, unity and colour to the streets of London, which is something that they believe the city, the UK and world needs right now considering the events that have taken place this year.

There was an open call for artists to participate and over 500 applications were received. Local, national and international artists have been selected and will showcase their work across the city, with more than 15 nationalities being represented, whilst the majority of murals are painted by UK-based artists.

LMF aims to be inclusive in both artwork and artist background. Out of respect for creative freedom and the broad range of locations that we’re painting, artists have not been asked to follow a topic or theme. Whilst artists have been allowed to express their own style, the wishes of the wall owners, occupants and local communities have been respected, and through consultation, they have chosen the artists and artwork that they feel best suits their location.

For more info visit: www.londonmuralfestival.com

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