Is Bingo Back on the Rise in London?

Bingo is a global pastime adored by players from Antarctica to Antigua, but it could be argued that its spiritual home is London. When the lottery ball draw made its way to the UK in the early 1800s, it was predominantly played in the capital. After becoming a major hit, it later spread throughout the rest of the country. In recent years, the popularity of physical bingo halls diminished for various reasons. Online bingo has helped bring the game back from the ashes, though, and now the halls are returning to London.

How Has Online Bingo Resurrected the Game?

Over the last five years, bingo has enjoyed a monumental rise online. It has transformed into a completely different animal and, when players log on to a bingo site, they know that they’re going to encounter a vast number of games. These range from themed bingo rooms like The Big Wheel and Cash Cubes, to jackpot slots such as Jackpot King Prize Lines and Slots O’ Gold.

The introduction of online scratch cards has also helped bingo sites market themselves to a greater number of players. This is another form of instant win game that is geared towards people who aren’t interested in slots. There are themes to the games so that players can choose something that suits their tastes. For instance, there are games like Luck O’ the Pots! and Boris & Co’s Big Top Bonus. These titles are reminiscent of physical scratch cards, where there is always a lot of variety. The variety is aimed at bringing in a much broader demographic than ever before, and it has worked a treat so far. Now, younger adults are getting involved with bingo, and there is a more even split between men and women.

Bingo Halls Returning to the Capital

There was a major decline in bingo halls in the latter stages of the 2000s thanks to things like the smoking ban in 2007. Many people were shocked that they would no longer be able to smoke inside pubs, restaurants, and bingo halls. A vast number of the people who frequented bingo halls were smokers so, when they found out they couldn’t spark up, they stopped going.

All these establishments that once catered for smokers have had to adapt and change their ways. Now, modern bingo halls offer a more exciting experience that is designed to appeal to all ages. It has been successful so far, and physical bingo locations are returning to the capital.

Part of London Culture

Bingo has been deeply engrained in the culture of London for more than one hundred years, and it has felt like something has been missing over the last decade. The bingo hall has long been a meeting place, and some may consider them as important as town halls. There are currently more than ten bingo halls in the capital, and this number is growing.

Thanks to the online bingo industry, the game is back with a bang. Bingo sites have served to generate more interest in the pastime, and this has led to the re-emergence of bingo halls. It is likely that players will enjoy a combination of online and offline bingo for many years to come.

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