Holding an Event in London

When it comes to organising an event in London, there can often be a lot of pressure on the host. From organising a wedding to a christening or even a 50th birthday party, different events require different types of venues and with so much choice in London, it can be really hard to decide on the perfect one.

Here’s some tips and tricks to help you out if you’re planning on holding an event in London:

Think about the type of venue

There are a whole host of amazing events spaces available to rent in London so deciding on the type of space you’re looking for should help you to narrow down the options. From historic buildings to amazing party venues and impressive meeting rooms, One Events have a superb selection of different event spaces available to hire with rooms appropriate for a variety of occasions. From stunning wedding venues in Belgravia to party spaces on the Embankment, there’s sure to be the perfect venue for your event.

If you have a lot of guests coming, choosing a venue somewhere that’s easy to find and convenient to get to is advisable, to encourage guests to come.


Book in advance

With London being one of the biggest cities in the world, with a thriving social calendar, it’s inevitable that rooms for parties and conferences get booked up well in advance. Planning ahead by at least three months will guarantee you can secure the venue of your choice without having to compromise on anything like the amount of space or which DJ you’d like.

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Get numbers

Encourage guests to RSVP well in advance to make your job organising things much easier. There’s nothing worse than being unsure how many people you need to cater for or how many chairs you need and even down to organising a seating plan for all of your guests.

Even a rough idea of numbers is much more helpful than estimating out of the blue so keep reminding guests to reply to your invites and follow it up before the event.

Holding an event in London is easier than you think, with a little forward planning involved. Most venues have a selection of caterers and DJs who they’re used to working with and should be able to put you in contact with to make organising everything in one go much simpler. So why not get on with organising a spectacular soiree for your friends, family and work colleagues today.

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