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The Best Shopping Destinations Around the World

If your idea of a good trip involves nice restaurants and great shops, then we have a list of places that will be just up your street. Whether you are looking for a new handbag, a unique piece of jewellery or new shoes, then these places are definitely worth a visit:


Italy is well known for being one of the most fabulous shopping destinations around the world, with many of the top fashion designers hailing from Italy. Milan is a popular choice for finding the latest fashion and the designer labels and it is a beautiful city with fine architecture.


Right on your doorstep in London are some of the best designer stores to enable you to shop until you drop. From a visit to high-end Harrods to finding vintage fashion in less known haunts like Old Spitalfields Market, London has a wide range of different shops to choose from. Westfield is popular with shoppers looking to pick up designer fashion, with many of the big brands all under one roof, including 265 shops in total.


You can’t really talk about fashion labels and shops without bringing Paris into the equation. Paris Fashion Week is travelled to by the rich and famous from around the world, looking to discover the latest fashion trends and the shopping set up is second to none.

The Louvre and Tuileries District is the place to find the top designer stores and the Boulevard Hausmann and the Grands Boulevards is a grand shopping experience. If you’re looking for something more artisan then head over to The Marais to meander around the quaint shops. When in Paris, you can always take a shopping break and sample the finest patisseries around the world too.

When you’re booking your next trip and fancy fitting some shopping into your trip then these are your best options.

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New York

It is the city that never sleeps and part of the reason for that is because there is so much to do and see in NYC, including a visit to some of the best stores from around the world. Bloomingdales is a must for any serious shopper and there are some wonderful boutique stores as well as the luxury jewellers like Tiffany & Co. Barneys on Madison Avenue and Macy’s on 34th Street are essential places to visit and you will no doubt find everything you need on Madison Avenue.


Los Angeles is another part of the US that is renowned for great shopping. It is where most of the Hollywood stars live, so you would guess that the shopping standards are pretty high and they certainly are. Rodeo Drive is the place to be, made even more famous for the scenes in Pretty Woman and the Beverly Centre is a good place to visit too.