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MOB Hotel, Paris

Jamie Debbage checks out MOB Hotel Les Puces, the revolutionary hotel concept's Paris outpost


MOB HOTEL, the revolutionary lifestyle hotel concept, has seen promising growth since its launch in 2017. The company currently has two properties: one in the Parisian district of Les Pucesin and the other in Lyon’s Confluence area proving their ability to regenerate exciting parts of the cities they inhabit. The brainchild of Cyril Aouizerate, the brand reflects on the meaning of hospitality in the 21st century. It not only radiates urban flair but also offers a new type of hotel experience focusing on community, wellbeing and human progress.


The Paris MOB is a self-proclaimed ‘boutique design hotel’ and is aptly situated in the up-and-coming area of Saint-Ouen. Between an array of older Parisian residences, the hotel immediately strikes you with its warehouse-style façade and electric entry facilities.

Once inside you’re greeted with a clean and spacious interior and friendly staff – often an anomaly when visiting the so-called ‘City of Love’. The intimate bar came complete with an oversized Fussball table, fireplace, DJ and a tattooed waiter who never let your champagne glass run dry. Think de rigueur member’s hotels in Shoreditch with a Parisian twist.

Unfortunately, due to our visit in the depths of winter, we could not make the most of the outdoor facilities. These include an outdoor cinema and a large communal area which would be perfect on a summer’s day. Most of the crowd were inside enjoying the DJ and I got the sense that the party-goers weren’t just hotel guests but Parisians making the most of the venue and music.

We stayed in the Master MOB room which was spacious and minimal. The large warehouse-style windows gave a view of the courtyard and delightful design touches included in-vogue sofas, pillows with hip designs and even a small white tipi.

The rooms are far better than the three-star rating implies. The attention to detail is impressive with energy saving lighting and spacious but eco-friendly shower facilities. The queen sized bed did the room justice and was the perfect size for such a sojourn.


The refined cocktail menu was alluring (all steeped in herbs and citron fruits) and I highly recommend sampling the ‘cocktail du moment.’ They served great wine, but interestingly none were French (I probably should have asked why).

The food menu is succinct but exciting, fusing both French and deeper Mediterranean flavours. The mezze with artichokes and hummus was delicately cooked (18 Euros) while the delicious yet hearty sea bass dish came embellished with tomato and a side of French bread (38 Euros). Service from the staff was great throughout and one waiter (I believe his name was called Seb) even drew a map of the surrounding areas for us.

The dining area also offers a variety of freshly made pizzas for approximately 17 Euros.

The worst thing:

I accidentally locked myself out. At least the security is up to scratch…

The best thing:

The room, the food, the ambience and the service. On par with its five stars!


4-6 Rue Gambetta, 93400 Saint-Ouen, France; mobhotel.com; rooms start at EUR68 per night