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Five Best Museums in Edinburgh to Visit In 2021

The best Edinburgh Museums to visit on staycation

Just a walk around in the city centre of Edinburgh will give a feel of a museum trip. So if you are stuck about your next culture fix, check out these five top institutions in the gorgeous city where you can soak up the local heritage and the rich history, and that too mostly free of cost.

National Museum of Scotland

This is easily the pick of the lot located in Chambers Street. It has loads of interactive exhibits, a fantastic section devoted to natural history, and above all an impressive Egyptian collection. You can even excavate dinosaur bones, freak out on a racing simulator or just put on your very own shadow puppet play performance. You also have a grand feel in the museum with the fancy carpet highlighting all popular exhibits.


Museum of Childhood

The brainchild of a former councillor of Edinburgh, Patrick Murray, who had a passionate collection of children memorabilia, the fascinating Museum of Childhood is the first of its kind dedicated to the history of childhood. Some of the permanent exhibits include a massive collection of antique toys and games and items depicting the history of education. This wonderful building is ideal for all age groups as visitors will be delighted to see a recreated Victorian street brimming with outdoor toys as well as a 1930s classroom.


Museum of Edinburgh

Every room of this impressive museum is crammed with fascinating curiosities showcasing the growth of Edinburgh over the past couple of centuries to where it stands today.The building houses innumerable historic objects, the most prominent of all being the National Covenant, a document signed by the Presbyterian Church leaders in Scotland in 1638. Other interesting objects on display are the important crafts like pottery, glass making and wool processing which played a significant role in the lives of the past population.


Our Dynamic Earth

This phenomenal institution is located near Holyrood Palace at the opposite end of the Old Town. Our Dynamic Earth museum is dedicated to illustrate the history of the earth by way of innovative means of technology. Some of the vibrant interactive exhibits include simulated earth tremors, tropical rainstorms, scenes of the ocean floor and mountains and glaciers. The virtual tour of the eleven Earthscapes is of particular interest to all age groups as it provides an insight of the planet and the creatures who share the earth with us.


The People’s Story

Located in the historic Canongate Tolbooth, the People’s Story Museum gives explicit details about the history of the residents of Edinburgh, dating back from the 18th century till date. This impressive landmark, deep in the heart of Royal Mile, exhibits some truly amazing items, such as, a recreation of a jail which at one time existed in these very premises. Other things on display are a wartime kitchen and a book binder’s workplace. Figures of real people with beautiful costumes and a spectacular collection of banners supporting ‘vote for women’ and the anti-apartheid movement can be seen. Sure to spark the imagination of young and old alike.