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Autumn Holiday Destinations for Adults

Five of the best holiday destinations to visit this Autumn

Autumn can be a great time for a holiday before winter sets in and it is also a good time because the school holidays are over so places are a lot quieter, and you can enjoy a more adult-focused getaway. So, where are some of the best places to go in autumn?

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Few places are as picturesque as the Dalmatian Coast and there is something special about this area of Croatia in autumn. Not only this, but Halloween is a major event in Croatia, and you can find lots of fun nightclubs with costume competitions. If you are craving some sun before winter settles in, then the Dalmatian Coast is a good choice with temperatures remaining high at this time of the year.

Inari, Finland

Autumn can also be the perfect time to visit Finland with temperatures not quite as extreme as winter but you can still enjoy the magical atmosphere at this time of the year. Inari is a good destination found between a scenic forest and Lapland’s largest lake – this is also one of the best places to see the Northern Lights!

Malaga, Spain

If you are seeking a sun, sea and sand holiday but one without hordes of families then Malaga in autumn should be top of your list. Malaga becomes a lot more peaceful at this time of the year, but temperatures remain high, plus there are many great art exhibitions open in autumn along with the chance to celebrate Picasso’s birthday (always a major event here). Be sure to arrange your travel from the airport to your hotel to avoid having to wait around.

Pathos, Cyprus

Temperatures in Cyprus remain high during the autumn months with highs of around 27, so it is a great place to visit if you want to catch some sun before winter arrives. Pathos is a great place to visit as a coastal city but also somewhere with fascinating historical sights to discover.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a lovely destination for a city break and it is somewhere that really comes to life during the autumn months. October is when the vineyards are at their greenest and there are also lots of excellent wine trails to enjoy on a trip during autumn. Additionally, you can easily be in Vienna within a day with the Eurostar to Brussels followed by a high-speed train to Vienna.

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas and inspire you to book a holiday for the autumn months when there are lots of great places to visit and places tend to be quieter.