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'Les Fresques restaurant is the true jewel in Hotel Royal’s crown'

Hotel Royal—Evian Resort, France

The credentials:

It’s a well-known fact that the brain needs water to function. Yes, that crystal clear neurological nectar has played its part in countless inventions, life-changing decisions and earth-shattering discoveries I am sure. Well, what did you think Mulberry … Read more →

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Serena Foyle

How did you get into pyromusicals?

I was always so fascinated by the use of music in film and what a large part it plays in the overall impact of what we are viewing. I knew that music had been … Read more →

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Maleka Dattu

Did you always know you’d go into the beauty industry?

Pretty much. From the age of two I carried a comb everywhere and tried to comb people’s hair. When I was eight I stole my aunt’s eyeliner and used up … Read more →

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