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Red Palace at The Vaults

The blurb

“This is a fairy-tale…!” Perhaps, but not as you know it. Shotgun Carousel wowed audiences (and us) last year with their innovative take on the Greek deities and all things culinary with their immersive-dining show ‘Divine Proportions’ at … Read more →

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Divine Proportions

Performances ongoing until Jan 12 2019, Tuesday-Sunday, Doors: 6.30pm/Food: 7pm (runtime 3hrs, with the bar open late on Fridays and Saturdays), prices between £35-£55 per head

The blurb

Though not quite in our usual West London stomping ground, this immersive … Read more →

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Easter gift guide


Bloomon Dutch Flower Delivery Service, £20.95—£31.95

A regular delivery of stunningly original modern bouquets? Don’t mind if we do. Just choose what size you want, how frequently you want it delivered and leave the rest to the talented Bloomon … Read more →

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Exclusive discount for Halloween DISCOPATH event

In honour of the world’s favourite hallowed holiday, and the decade in which not only Disco was born, but also in which some of the best and most iconic horror films were ever created, on Friday 31 October, Soho’s DISCO … Read more →

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Darshana Shilpi Rouget

Explain to us a little bit about the concept behind Alba Amicorum?

Alba Amicorum is about experiencing art on an intimate level. Blurring the boundary between art and fashion, Alba Amicorum presents a collection of luxury scarves, each design being … Read more →

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WLG’s jailbird boyfriend

‘Welcome to Bali,’ Hot Danish said as we waited at the baggage carousel alone, having beaten the two-hour queue by giving money to a middleman who paid the customs. ‘I think the customs ensure there’s a long queue on purpose,’ … Read more →

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