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The Oligarch at Breakfast

Vlad is at Le Bristol, he’s rocked up for breakfast five minutes after service finished and is clicking his fingers at the waitress. He leans back and stretches, his black cashmere turtleneck straining to expose his diamond Hublot.

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Food lovers: 11 quirky restaurants to spice up your love life

Tired of the same old dating scene – dragging yourself out for dinner, drinks and a movie, each date more ponderous and predictable than the last? Well, maybe it’s time to try something new. Whether you’re looking to put the … Read more →

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Alexander Mercury

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I was born in Siberia, an industrial town called Krasnoyarsk. Countless factories kept the sky wonderfully grey all year round. Regardless, I had a beautiful childhood escaping to my dacha—a countryside house—where I spent … Read more →

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'At least the tables wore white and the pink rose on each was fresh'


Open Tue–Sat 6pm–10.30pm

The night after Chelsea’s own John Terry had saved England from disaster against Ukraine with a goal-line clearance, the lads were lining up for me. Not in person, you understand, but billboard poster-sized pics of Ashley Cole … Read more →

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