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‘I’ve recently come out of a relationship and I don’t want to do things for the wrong reason’

During the first (twice-postponed) date with Jeroen, the IT (Infected Testicle) guy, he mentioned that he’d only had two short relationships in the last decade; and both women had broken things off. During the second date, he revealed he didn’t trust women. (‘Sounds like a ball,’ a friend quipped.) There was no mention of meeting up again and the inevitable followed, ‘I’ve recently come out of a relationship and I don’t want to do things for the wrong reason…’ Ouch!

‘What is wrong with these boys? They need a good kick up the arse,’ Tom said. ‘Maybe they’re intimidated by you and feel you’re a bit out of their league. If only I were 20 years younger, eh? I’d give them all a run for their money. Though I wouldn’t have to run by the sounds of it, which is just as well considering running isn’t my strong point at the moment.’

Jeroen had commented on my (‘expensive’) jewellery and my (Burberry) trench, asked if I was ‘one of those career girls,’ assumed I didn’t have any impoverished friends and said I did everything properly, but perhaps it’s best to assume he just wasn’t that into me.

Most of us have experienced staying in a relationship with someone who doesn’t make us feel good because we make excuses… The suffocating relationship with someone who was sent to boarding school at four years old; the one who let you down regularly because he had a drink problem; or the guy who continually put you down and was bullied by his father.

Which is why I didn’t ask IT guy about the break-ups or why he didn’t trust women. There’s nothing one can do about a guy with damaged balls! And despite my damaged ego, it’s probably best that he thought I wasn’t the right girl.

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