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WLG on saying ‘yes’


‘Test driving lamborghinis is hardly the same as spending a Saturday afternoon at Ikea'

They say you should say ‘yes’ more often. Saying ‘yes’ means being open to new ideas, new possibilities and unexpected discoveries. Saying ‘yes’ means learning, challenging yourself and living life to the fullest.

Sometimes I say ‘yes’ when I know I shouldn’t. I didn’t have anything planned for Thursday evening so when the Landlord invited me to dinner, I thought why not. The evening turned into a weekend together.
‘He said that dinners are always nice but it was lovely to do normal stuff with me,’ I relayed to Monique.
‘Test driving lamborghinis is hardly the same as spending a Saturday afternoon at Ikea,’ Monique laughed.

The truth comes out when you spend more than a couple of hours at Coya together. The Landlord wasn’t the age he had originally given me and there was evidently a woman in the background (20 years his junior, of course) so by the end of the weekend I thought I’d better say ‘no’ before I got hurt.
‘You’re not considering my feelings,’ he responded.

‘I can’t make Friday breakfast because I’ve said “yes” to someone’s request to help him improve his English, but how about Saturday breakfast?,’ I messaged Sabine.
‘Wow, you are helping a few people out what with the CV checking and now this,’ she replied.
‘Oh, I forgot about that. Guess how that guy repaid me?’ I forwarded a screenshot of the Whatsapp conversation in which he said, ‘What are you doing tonight? Let’s fuke’.
‘What??? I’m speechless – I don’t know how someone thinks that’s OK. The spelling lightens it up a bit, though!’
‘Yes, less creepy; more farcical.’

Sometimes saying ‘yes’ just leads to an amusing anecdote.

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