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WLG on the two types of rejection


‘I once received a rejection email saying I was “unsuitable” for a job'

‘I received a rejection email saying my CV had been given close consideration by “senior management” but that my skill set doesn’t match the requirements of this “complex” role.’
‘Sorry, but roll with the punches,’ Plan B replied. ‘I once got a rejection [email] saying I was “unsuitable” for a job. I thought that was a bit harsh: I had to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and take the day off work to travel to Sheffield for that interview. But at least they wrote.’

Plan B had an interview for a role with a dodgy title: senior manager, intermediary marketing. ‘But it’s a decent salary, right?’
‘Anything is decent compared to my current meagre earnings.’
‘Well at least you earn more than me, but I guess guys have to,’ I joked.
‘What kind of modern attitude is that,’ he responded before admitting that he is aiming to increase his salary and bonus by more than my proposed total salary.
‘What about the other interview?’ I asked.
‘That’s on hold while they appraise three “benchmark” candidates.’
‘God, how pretentious.’
‘Totes. They don’t know what sort of person they want yet so are trying a few different types.’

The work world, and its difficulties in finding the right match, doesn’t seem that far removed from the world of dating: You might get asked on a second date/interview but if you don’t then you’ll either receive a personal insult or you won’t hear a word.

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