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Valentine’s Speed Painting

I braved the world of ‘Speed Painting’, an alternative to the better known ‘Speed Dating’ at Westbourne Studios. Instead of awkwardly sitting opposite a fellow candidate in a manky pub and going through the standard procedure of small talk, you are encouraged to pick up a brush, crayon or even a knife and paint each other.

Luckily everyone seemed to relax pretty quickly and started mingling, apart from my friend who, to her surprise, took it all very seriously and churned out a couple of masterpieces. We all had individual tables with a glass of wine, a couple of heart-shaped chocolates and a flower painted by the artist running the workshop, Dalia, who was dressed quite fittingly as the Queen of Hearts.

The ratio of men to women was about one-to-five (which was better than what I had expected) and everyone seemed pretty normal, which I must admit I wasn’t anticipating. Regrettably, no one caught my eye – apart from the very hot French bartender who I shamelessly flirted with. Nevertheless I did have a brilliant unconventional Saturday evening.