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Notting Hill church puts best dressed foot forward for LFW

St Peter’s Church in Notting Hill was the unusual LFW venue for the 2017 Spring/Summer collections of London based designers Jill De Masi and Alva Wilson. The first fashion showcase to be held in the church, the event used the CURATE ART SPACE gallery on the first floor as a visually exciting area to show off the collections.

The gallery space was set up in conjunction with the former vicar Mark Hargraves, who was very interested in the arts and welcoming visitors in who might ordinarily feel intimidated and reluctant to come into church. It has been open for the past six years, showing a variety of artworks, and fashion seemed like the perfect fit for branching out, especially with the focus on UK designers during London Fashion Week.

Jill De Masi of De Masi London was thrilled to show her work in the space and to have the opportunity to take some shots of her new collection with the dramatic architectural background provided by the church.

“The clothes really came to life in this beautiful setting, everyone involved from the model and the photographer to the make-up artist had a great time deciding which backdrop to use with which outfit, and I think the photos really speak for themselves.”

De Masi London; Alva Wilson