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John Ferry


An ex-city boy who launched a fitness business in 2016, John Ferry tells us why 'bad and conflicting information' can be detrimental to your lifestyle and gives us some insider tips on how to achieve those health and fitness goals without falling for fad diets or succumbing to drastic measures

1. Who is John Ferry?

I’m an ex-city boy who spent 16 years working in London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. I returned to my home to Queens Park in 2016 to start a fitness business. I’ve been a PT since then and recently moved into online trainer space to focus on weight loss coaching for women.

2. Why the big change?

The long hours, boozy lunches, and eating on the go all took their toll. After putting on 3 stone (19kg) in under a year I became depressed with how I looked and felt. I became obsessed with finding a way to balance work and social commitments and still maintain a healthy weight. I tried every diet going, which was frustrating as hell at the time, but it sparked my passion for health and fitness. As I shed the pounds people began to approach me for weight loss advice. I realised I loved helping others who were struggling just I had. So, here I am.

3. What is it that people struggle with the most?

I’d say the feeling of being overwhelmed. There is so much bad and conflicting information out there it’s hard to know where to start. This is a deliberate ploy by the fitness industry to take advantage of you. It’s their aim that you become a customer for life. Their meal replacement shakes, fat burner pills, juice fasts, and low or no carb diets plans are all just a load of rubbish that will only work short-term. Most people end up back at square one having to start over. I want to help people put an end to the boom and bust cycle of yo-yo dieting forever.

4. Why online coaching? How does it benefit your clients?

Online coaching enables me to help more people without the restrictions of location or time. I’m able to offer a better, and more cost-effective, service to my clients than in-person training. The power of the internet allows us to share ideas and learn faster and using online check-ins and messenger tools I can provide much more accountability and support. I’ve found this is often the missing ingredient for people when it comes to their weight loss goals.

5. What are the other keys to success?

Getting the basics right. Get a handle on how many calories you’re consuming and adjust downwards until you see the weight loss you desire. Stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and keep active. You don’t need to slog it out on the treadmill every day, cut out carbs, or live off salad to get great results. I wish I knew this 10 years ago.

6. So, you’ve made a few mistakes? What would you do differently now?

I’ve made them all! I thought starving myself and doing 45mins of cardio five times a week was the best way to burn fat. I did lose some weight but I looked like crap, felt completely exhausted, and I couldn’t stop thinking about eating. Sticking to a diet always felt like hard work to me but now I’m able to enjoy my favourite foods without it stressing me out. I train for just 3 hours a week, with little to no cardio, and I never go to bed feeling hungry.​

7. That brings us nicely on to cheat meals. Do you have a favourite?

I don’t actually believe in cheat meals. It suggests what we’re eating is bad or a ‘sin’ as Weight Watchers would put it. We need to stop demonising foods. There are no bad foods – there are only bad portion sizes. You can have a little of what you love each day and still lose weight providing your calories are in check. I have chocolate most days, I eat out at least once a week, and love a beer at the weekend. It’s this flexible approach to nutrition that helps my clients get great results without them ever feeling like they’re on a diet.

8. Best piece of advice you’d give to someone trying to lose weight?

Be patient. It didn’t take you a couple of weeks to get out of shape so don’t expect to see big changes in the same amount of time. Some weeks will be harder than others and your progress may slow down. This is all part of the process but it’s also the time when many people quit. Please don’t! The magic happens when you break through this plateau so play the long game. Don’t view dieting as something you do for 6, 8, or 12 weeks. A good diet is one you’re able to implement years from now. It’s a way of life.

9. Any final words?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just as one workout isn’t going to get you in great shape, one night out won’t make or break your diet, so get out and enjoy yourself. And if you’re unhappy with how you look keep in mind that your weight is only temporary and doesn’t define who you are. Everyone has the ability to change their body with a little hard work and consistency. You just need to make a start. Once you do, you’ll never look back!

10. Where can we find you?

Facebook and IG: John Ferry Fitness


How This Mother of 2 Lost 29 Pounds in Just 8 Weeks; Serena O’Sullivan, 39

1. What problems were experiencing before you started working with John?

I’m a mum of two who was returning to work after maternity leave. My husband travels a lot so I had no time to myself in the evenings, never mind the gym. I really needed help to lose weight and to improve my overall fitness but I had little energy or motivation for exercise or dieting.

2. Have you previously tried anything else to achieve your goals? If so, what?

I’ve tried pretty much every diet going but the results were always the same. It would start off ok, but I could never stick with it. I always found myself back at square one after a few weeks.

3. What were the results of working with John?

I lost 15lbs in just 8 weeks with his Mission Lean programme. I have genuinely never been so ​motivated about a weight loss plan before. It just never felt like I was on a diet. I ate real food for every meal and never went hungry.

4. What was the best thing about it?

That it works! This just felt easier than anything I’ve tried. I was able to work it around my job and children. John designed a home workout programme so I didn’t have to join a gym. I didn’t live off rabbit food, weigh myself every day, or obsess about calories. My whole family was able to eat what I ate. And it really felt great being able to show our kids how they can be healthy too.

5. What are some other benefits that they’ve enjoyed as a result of working with John?

I felt like he was reading my mind. He knew exactly what I was feeling at every stage and at just the moment I needed it, he’d pull something else out of the bag to motivate me. John encouraged me to make my own goals and supported me to achieve them. If I faltered he was always there to pick me up. He’s not unrealistic. He understands that life sometimes gets in the way and will never make you feel bad. I put my success down to John.

6. What would you say to anyone considering working with John and would you recommend it? If so, why?

Do it. If it can work for me, it can work for anyone. He even got me to try planking for God’s sake. He must be good!

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