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Flavia Stuttgen

Flavia Stuttgen


Founder and CEO of Flavia Stuttgen on London v Cannes style, her favourite brands and fashion trend tips for next season

Since launching in April of last year you have attracted large numbers of Instagram and Twitter followers; how crucial is this to your business?

It is crucial to understand what our customer wants and provide them with great celebrity brands which are seen on their favourite celebrities.

You split your time between London and Cannes – do you notice different fashion trends between these two cities?

London girls wear different brands together very well. They wear our brands mixed with high street and high-end designers to create a perfect look. French girls prefer to wear cleaner styles and luxury brands; they are not such risk-takers.

Describe a typical working day?

I’m a young mum with two adorable children, so once they are up and dressed I can get to work! My days vary from speaking to great celebrities and arranging for them to wear our brands, to working with US designers to arrange new orders at our warehouse.

Top places to shop in London and Cannes?

In London definitely Harrods (they have the best rewards programme!) and Net A Porter, as their SameDay service is just genius! In Cannes, definitely Le Grand Bazar for their very sharp selection of Isabel Marant.

Describe a perfect day out in London?

A perfect day out in London is lunch at the Farmer’s Market in Chelsea, then the afternoon in Hyde Park with the kids.

Being a young mother who has recently had a second child, which brands would you recommend to other stylish mums?

Definitely Australian designers such as Finders Keepers, Cameo and Keepsake. Very versatile and affordable day and night looks from those brands.

Favourite designer?


Hardest piece to track down?

Hermès Kelly and Birkin – it became a daily hunt for me.

Apart from your children, what is your most treasured item?

My Cartier jewellery.

Who, in your opinion, is the best dressed celebrity?

I love Nicole Richie’s red carpet style and Jessica Alba’s downtime wardrobe.

Can you give us your next fashion trend prediction?

Next season I can tell you all the cool girls will be wearing one-piece swimsuits. Forget about the bikini!

What’s the future for spottedonceleb?

We are working with more brilliant designers and celebrities, growing our offering and looking forward to another successful year.; 020 3624 6713;

Domenique Fragale


We chat to actress and producer, Domenique Fragale, about her role in HBO's new show, The Nevers

Do you live or work in west London?

I lived in Chiswick whilst I filmed the first part of The Nevers, which was filmed mainly in west London. I also attended Drama School in Chiswick, at Arts Ed London.

What’s your favourite thing about the area?

I love how green it can be! The parks are a welcome part… Read more →

Poppy Jamie


Kate-Lois Elliott caught up with Poppy Jamie, founder of the award-winning Happy Not Perfect app, and debut author!

Do you live or work in west London?

I live in west London

What’s your favourite thing about the area?

Well at this time of year, I love the blossom trees. Nothing makes me feel happier than walking down the beautiful streets of west London with all the blossom trees flowering.

Describe your perfect day and

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