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Ultrabonds at The Extensionist, Battersea

They Say:

The Extensionist is a leading and award-winning salon specialising in hair extensions on a day-to-day basis, and they have now launched their ULTRA BONDS to the UK!

ULTRA BONDS are hair extensions that have strands so tiny the bond is almost invisible. The bonds are applied meticulously, strand by strand, using a bespoke micro extension fusion machine specifically designed for the application of the tiny bonds. There are many benefits to ULTRA BOND hair extensions. ULTRA BONDS are so lightweight and never pull on clients’ natural hair, meaning they are inclusive to those who have finer hair.

The tiny size of the strands means the extensions can be applied very high on the scalp, resulting in a perfectly seamless blend. Clients can wear their hair however they desire, down or up in a sky-high ponytail with no risk of visible bonds poking through. ULTRA BONDS are so lightweight they’re the perfect extensions for those who exercise daily.

The Extensionist use only the best quality 100% human hair extensions, with expert colour matching, safe application and natural looking results they guarantee you will want to “whip your hair back and forth”.

They use only the very finest, hand-picked Slavic natural human virgin hair and European natural hair, available in 30+ colours and from 14” to 30” inches. They also offer one of the broadest selection of application methods in London including micro rings and tape alongside the new ULTRA BONDS.

The Extensionist does not claim to be the cheapest. However, unlike many hair extensionists that offer low-grade human hair and don’t tailor the application to a client’s particular needs, they offer a luxury service ensured to give you your desired result.

The Process

The lovely Viky began by discussing the length and volume I was after, before carefully colour-matching a blend of four different tones to mirror my natural hair and highlights. These were blended together in small strands held together with keratin bonds, then attached to my roots, with darker strands underneath and a brighter 90s bombshell blonde on the top.

Viky washed and blow-dried my hair in preparation, then used a heat gun to seal each bond to a strand of my own hair.

I’ve had extensions on and off for years and was beginning to really miss them, so I decided to go fuller and longer than I was used to. If you’re going to do something… and all that.

Ultrabonds are the smallest, most  discreet way to attach at the roots. Rumoured to be favoured by both Kate and Meghan, the subtle attachments makes them ideal for fast-growing hair. Tapes and other methods look great on my hair for all of three weeks, before a full inch of regrowth leaves me looking as though I’ve stuck strips of paper to my head (!)

The Results

Couldn’t be better. We kept more length than I’m used to, which, given I often curl my hair, allows for the few inches that disappear when styled into ringlets. The colour match was impeccable, the positioning of the bonds rendered them invisible, and the Slavic hair felt like a spun angel’s mane

Viky and The Extensionist team are experts in their field, knowing pretty much all there is to know about hair types, fitting, styling and maintenance.

The Details

The Extensionist; 78 York Road; SW11 3QD; 02072239922; info@theextensionist.com


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