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'Over the next couple of weeks I noticed a real improvement in tone'

Triniti Plus with Dr Ariel Haus

The blurb

World-renowned dermatologist Dr Ariel Haus describes his patented Triniti Plus treatment as ‘a complete treatment regimen for colour correction and contouring, and for improving fine lines, wrinkles and texture’. This cream of the crop line-up packs three high-tech facial treatments into just one session, for instant and long term results. It encourages collagen production and new skin cell growth, making it very appealing for those who don’t want to look plumped and overdone, just much brighter and fresher. Firming and tightening results carry on improving, and healthy new collagen continues to remodel for up to two months post-treatment.

The treatment works by combining bi-polar radio frequency and light energies, which heat tissue very precisely to stimulate specific improvements in different areas.

The process

Dr Haus’s clinic is a lovely airy Georgian affair. At the Regent’s Park end of Harley Street, it’s spacious and clean with original features and a large treatment room. Having had a consultation and patch test earlier that week, we began by covering my face in numbing cream. This was left on for 20 minutes whilst I relaxed in an armchair, caught up on Tatler and drank mint tea. Once my face was reassuringly numb, we embarked on step one of the three step process, which is to treat colour correction, spider veins, age spots and sun damage.

I was instructed to lie on the bed and don a pair of goggles. Rather unnervingly, the doc handed me a pair of stress balls to hold during the procedure. As far as my inner neurotic was concerned, he may as well have handed me a wooden slab to bite down on and led me on through to his medieval torture chamber.

I needn’t have worried, however, the experience was hardly painful at all, and after a while I began to actually enjoy the sparkly lights sweeping across my field of vision. Dr Haus slowly ran the laser across my face, starting at the jaw and working up, reminiscent of a firework display—bright sparks filled my eyes even through the goggles.

The next stage is to firm and lift; this targets jowl and neck sagginess, under eye droopiness, sagging brow lines and nasolabial folds. We stopped as my face was cleaned and another cream applied, back on went the goggles for much the same process, sparkly fireworks, gentle chit chat, slight pain for milliseconds, then all off again for step three.​

I was asked to wash my face three times using an oil removing cleanser before this stage. Having comprehensively flooded half the room with my walrus washing technique, I was gently told that that was probably enough after two washes and beckoned back to the treatment bed. Step three is to treat lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture. As I remember, step three was marginally more painful than the previous stages, but again short-lived and nothing to write home about.

The results

Whilst I didn’t leave looking red or ‘worked on’, my sensitive skin was hot and reactive for a couple of days after. My pancake day party was punctuated by friends donning blankets and scarves as I repeatedly sprayed my face with thermal water and insisted on having every window in the house wide open. Later that week friends remarked I looked ‘much the same’, but over the proceeding couple of weeks I noticed a real improvement in tone and possibly a slight lift. My skin wasn’t noticeably pigmented or sagging before the treatment, but the enlarged pores on my nose were improved immeasurably—far more than with any peel I’ve covered.

Now, two or three weeks on, I find my skin responds better to any serums or treatments I use, much as it did when I was a fresh-faced 14 year old.

The details

Triniti PLUS treatment, from £600; Dr Ariel Haus, 140 Harley Street, W1G; 020 7935 6358; www.drhausdermatology.com

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