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The Body Lab

What they say

The Body Lab’s goal is to empower their member’s health journey by providing access to cutting-edge technology and advanced wellness programs, overseen by industry professionals in an atmosphere where they can thrive.

The sleek and pristine lab, just off Kensington High Street, is equipped with a Hydroxy Chamber, Cryotherapy Chamber, Infrared Red Cabin, Float Tank (with up to 500 kg of Epsom Salts) and a fully equipped gym.

Each of the therapies has its own benefits – including everything from relaxation and stress management to enhancing your immune system, boosting blood circulation, optimising recovery from illness, injury or strenuous exercise, improving sleep, and more.

As someone who runs ultra-marathons in the mountains for fun, my body is often under a lot of stress from training and races. I’m pretty good with strength and conditioning and I occasionally see a physio, but I’m intrigued and have an active interest in new technical and medical advancements. So when I was invited to visit The Body Lab to try out a few therapies, it didn’t take much to convince me. It also just so happened that the week prior I’d taken part in a hilly trail marathon in Italy and the week after, I was due to run a half marathon in London. The timing was perfect, my body was in need of recovery and regeneration if I was to stay on track.

The Treatment

Knowing about my races, the team put together a therapy session for me which included an hour in a Hydroxy Chamber and a blast in the Cryotherapy Chamber.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) is the first of its kind in the UK. It works by speeding up the body’s own healing and can prevent disease, degeneration and ageing, by providing an increase in both Oxygen and Hydrogen to the cells via atmospheric pressure.

The advanced Cryotherapy Chamber is a freezing cold chamber, sitting at -110 degrees. The cold therapy treatment is said to enhance performance and has been proven to decrease inflammation and oxidative stress as well as additional benefits like speeding up metabolism, increasing collagen production, enhancing the immune system, and much more.

The Process

After filling out a few standard forms, I was given an introduction to The Body Lab by Stefan, who guided me through the whole experience.

First up was the Hydroxy Chamber. Seeing the small cylinder which I was to crawl into, I was a little nervous. But Stefan assured me it was surprisingly roomy inside and that he would stay with me as long as I needed. I climbed in (clothes and all) and lay down. Stefan then closed the chamber… and bolted it. If you have phobias of small spaces this may not be for you. Stefan stayed in the room and spoke to me through a microphone, talking to me as the pressure rose to 1.3 ATM. It felt like being on an aeroplane; you have to swallow to keep your ears popping. Once 1.3 had been reached he asked if I was happy for him to leave, which I was. So I lay back, closed my eyes, and let the chamber do its thing for an hour. It was rather relaxing.

Once the hour was up, it was onto the cryo chamber. I was given shorts and a T-shirt, as well as thick socks, gloves, a hat, and slippers, but other than that, the idea is to have as much of the body exposed to the cold as possible.

I’ve done cryotherapy before, so I was prepared for the chill. First, I spent 30 seconds in a cold (but not freezing) room, before going into the cryo chamber, where I spent three minutes at -110 degrees. Music was playing and there was a large window, so you can see out. Breathing is key, a little dance on the spot to the music is optional, although it helped!

Once my time was up, I opened the chamber door and stepped back into the room. it’s amazing how quickly your body bounces back. I was surprised by how refreshed and revitalised I felt.

Stefan then showed me the rest of the equipment and therapy rooms. I’d love to try the float tank, especially after a big race. The gym is pretty swish too and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

The Details

The Body Lab is for anyone interested in supporting or improving their mental and physical health – not just runners. It’s a very interesting experience and I love that they tailor treatments specifically to each guest.

For more info visit…


153 Kensington High St, London W8 6SU

+44 2079 3758 53

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