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'Mel, fitting my extensions was a delight; chatty, sweet, while also being quick, efficient and professional'

Russian tape hair extensions at Beauty & Melody, Marble Arch

The Blurb:

The perfect way to add body, volume, colour and length your everyday look, Russian tape extensions are also the safest hair extension method available with little to no damage to your natural hair.

Created with the finest quality Russian human hair, they look and feel natural while being virtually undetectable.

The Process:

Mel, fitting my extensions was a delight; chatty, sweet, while also being quick, efficient and professional. The whole process took around an hour and a half, including washing, prepping, attaching the hair, blow-drying and styling!

The Result:

I left the salon with perfect waist-length waves, silky, shiny, and expertly colour-matched; they were indistinguishable from my own hair and swished and swooshed all the way home.

For a week or two they were great, but then the tangles. Oh the tangles. The hair was slightly more coarse than my own, and tangled and knotted and wound its way around every last strand of my hair. I think it’d been heavily processed as there was the odd black strand left in, suggesting it had been bleached with high volume peroxide. Showers became a battle, where the only way to remove huge matted clumps was to use such a rich conditioner that the tape bonds slid out, taking the whole extension out along with the knot. There was one knot so very determined I had to cut it, the extension, and my own hair in the process.

To be fair, I do have very knotty hair, fine but crazy dry. Fine hair is known to be the knottiest, but add extreme congenital dryness into the mix and you really get the picture. I imagine most hair types wouldn’t have this issue and Russian tape extensions would be ideal for pretty much any other hair type, being super easy to fit and also invisible on your scalp. I was sort of sad to have them removed as they did look great, but I also felt relieved that my own hair sustained minimal damage from the weeks of knotting.

The salon keeps the hair when they remove it, which is unusual, and I’m not sure if this is with a view to reusing it. But if it hadn’t knotted so very much, I’d have loved to have had it refitted immediately!

The Details:

Beauty & Melody Marble Arch; Call 0207 112 8478; Call 0207 723 5028; 19-21 Great Cumberland Place, London W1H 7AS;


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