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Radiofrequency Microneedling at AI Beauty Clinic

The Blurb

This is what the Asian beauty clinic, AI Beauty, have to say about Radiofrequency Microneedling:

‘The laser technology that ENDYMED provides to customers is its pioneering and parented 3DEEP RF multi-source phase-controlled laser technology. It is a non-surgical anti-aging therapy that concentrates on your face and physical body. It effectively tightens your skin and reduces wrinkles, and is praised highly by dermatologists worldwide. It is said to be the most outstanding laser technology from 2019 to 2027. It is also placed top 1 among all scar removal equipment in a 2020 international report.‘

The clinic states that the treatment is endorsed by David and Victoria Beckham as well as various Victoria’s Secret supermodels and, as much as I claim not to care about this list, they now have my attention. The treatment consists of a series of small needles that penetrate the skin’s surface, this allows for the skin’s natural healing processes to get to work, improving everything about your face; from reducing acne scars to tightening wrinkles and improving texture. The Radiofrequency element intensifies the stimulation of collagen production post-treatment.

The Style

Situated on Oxford street above a shop, it’s not the spot you’d expect to find a top of the range beauty clinic, with twee covers of pop songs playing and the sounds of the busy street below. However, as you walk into the main part of the clinic the atmosphere is transformed, and you’d have no idea you were on the busiest street in London.

The Process

I started with having my skin analysed, which is something I’ve always been interested in doing. Essentially what I took from this was that I should really wear sunscreen more, which is universal advice and easily brushed aside, but much easier to follow when you have the evidence in front of you on a computer screen!

The treatment itself required me to wait whilst the local anaesthetic cream worked on my face, so I’d advise bringing a book along! Then the beautician showed me the unopened, fresh needles that they were going to be using before setting to work. I barely felt a thing as the needles worked their way across my face, but towards the end of the process it did start to hurt a bit. To combat this they have a lighter setting, but I opted to stick with the normal setting so as to get the full effects of the treatment. The woman treating me was very friendly and incredibly well informed, so I felt relaxed the entire time.

When I got home, my face was red and stingy for about two hours, and after that it just felt a bit stiff. They advised me not to put anything on it other than cold to warm water for 24 hours, after which I’d have to apply moisturiser.

The next day my face was, as I was told it would be, blotchy and a still a little red. It felt sunburnt and I didn’t fancy taking part in any Zoom meetings. In fact, I’d advise not to do anything social during those crucial hours. I had a bath exactly 24 hours later, and in the morning my skin was looking much better and had started to clear up. There was no peeling or scabbing as I was told there might be, and by the afternoon the next day I had nothing to worry about, just a couple of tiny dots below my nose.

The Results

In the following days my skin felt much tighter and significantly plumper. The bags that had formed lightly under my eyes during 2020 were gone, and I felt like the stress of the year had left with it. My skin feels fresher and more dewy, especially when I wake up. I don’t have anything similar to acne scars but I’d imagine it would make a difference with a few treatments.

It’s a big investment for something that takes full effect after three treatments (every 4-6 weeks) however, if you’re looking for something stronger than a face cream and aren’t quite ready for fillers, then this is certainly for you. I’d highly recommend.

The Details

Prices start from £488


Email: info@ai-beauty.co.uk

Address: 147 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2JE

Phone: 02088636880

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