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The Ultimate Red-Carpet Radiance Facial at Omniya Mediclinic, Knightsbridge

The Blurb

Radiofrequency facials, sometimes known as the red-carpet treatment, are a quick and painless way to shave off a few years for a special occasion. Your facial lines are softened, your skin looks plumper where it needs to look plump, and lifted around the cheekbones and jawline. The idea is that the process stimulates collagen production, and the results last a week or so. For maximum benefit, for a wedding or special party, I’d suggest going the day before. The results are subtle; you don’t look very different, just a slightly younger, rested version of your normal harassed self! And you do feel very relaxed.

The Process

My facial was at Omniya Knightsbridge, a few minutes from Harrods. Omniya describes itself as a ‘Health and Beauty Mediclinic’, and although it specialises in beauty treatments, it also has a GP service and on-site pharmacy. The clinic also sells a wide range of cult skincare and health brands, which fill one wall in the reception area.

On arrival I was offered a bottle of water, and met my therapist Kerry Payne, one of Omniya’s senior facialists. Kerry spent some years working in the UAE, and is hugely experienced. I had booked for a different treatment, but after looking at my skin Kerry had told me that in fact the treatment I had planned really wouldn’t do much for me, and I might be better off having the radiofrequency. She explained that because I already have well-defined cheekbones and facial features, I didn’t need to define them further. I was happy with this change of plan, as I was keen to see if my facial lines could be softened without more radical interventions.

Kerry ushered me into one of the basement treatment rooms, and before we started stood me by a white wall and took photographs of my face and neck. I then lay on the couch, and she cleansed my face, leaving it with a fine layer of oil. Kerry then carefully went over my face in circular movements, with a warm vacuum suction applicator, which heats to between 40 and 42 degrees. I could feel the heat, but the process was relaxing rather than unpleasant. The vacuum mechanism increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and stimulates the production of new collagen. After around half an hour Kerry cleaned off the oil with SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser, and then applied SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum, and lastly Dr Nabet’s Revitaxin cream. The final step was to re-take the photographs, to show any changes. I would say that there was a definite softening of the lines on my face, particularly the crow’s feet and lines around my lips. My face also felt slightly plumper, which made me look subtly younger. And as I said at the beginning, I felt extremely relaxed – so relaxed that at an event that evening I accepted every cocktail offered to me, and then quite a few more……Not the most sensible of evenings!

The Result

The lines around my eyes and mouth were definitely softer, making me look slightly younger and fresher, and my cheeks looked plumper.  None of my friends asked if I’d been on holiday, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had. The effects wore off over the next few days; it’s not a lasting treatment. For a special event I’d certainly consider having it again; the process itself is relaxing and not intrusive, and you come away looking and feeling younger and more refreshed. Lovely.

The Details

Facials start from £115

Omniya, 3A Montpelier St., Knightsbridge, SW7 1EX (Open 9am – 8pm Mon – Sat)

0207 584 4777; omniya.co.ukHello@omnyia.co.uk

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