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'Very 70s chic, with a circle of separate booths to ensure privacy for each client'

Philip Kingsley hair spa treatment

The blurb

Philip Kingsley was the man who coined the phrase ‘bad hair day’ and in turn, became one of the world’s leading hair and scalp experts. Philip qualified as a trichologist—a person who specialises in hair loss problems—in 1953 and went on to create 50 formulations that help connect science to hairdressing.

The process

Kingsley’s salon, on the prestigious Green Street, is welcoming. I was greeted by a friendly face and handed a glass of champagne while I waited for my hair treatment and blow dry. I was taken up to the top floor—very 70s chic, with a circle of separate booths to ensure privacy for each client.

There I met Anna, with whom I went through my concerns about dry ends, greasy roots and occasional flakiness—all very normal apparently. She took me through the products she was going to be using: an exfoliating mask on the roots to remove the dry skin, then their new Coconut Breeze Elasticizer on the ends and remainder on the hair.

Once all product was applied, I was left to sit with a steam mask on for 15 minutes to enjoy the rest of my champagne. The treatment was taken off and I was led downstairs for my blow-dry, where I was introduced to the trichotherapy products that Philip Kingsley created. His protein spray and volumising hair and scalp treatment are used to help thin hair and prevent damage.

The results

My hair was blown dry straight, and I walked down the stairs feeling great. Speaking to Annabel Kingsley herself about my hair problems again, she talked me through steps to improve the condition of my tresses and the products I could use to get desired effects.

I would recommend a Philip Kingsley hair treatment experience to anyone in need of a expert opinion, a hair transformation or just a pamper—it really was an amazing evening!

The details

Hair treatment & blow-dry – £80 for an hour

Phillip Kingsley Salon, 54 Green Street, London, W1K 6RU; 0207 629 4004; philipkingsley.co.uk

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