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Personal Training With Brigo PT

The Blurb

Michael Brigo set up his personal training company (Brigo PT) three years ago and now he and a small team are helping people – specifically women – all over London, feel better inside and out. Michael’s inspiration to help women get into shape came from his mother; watching her juggle bringing up two boys, keeping a welcoming home, and a job, meant she found it hard to find time for herself. So, Michael helped her find the time. While studying for his personal training qualification, he specialised in becoming a transformation coach for women aged between 35 and 55, focusing on weight loss and weight management, female exercise and nutrition, pre and post natal training, and body composition transformations.

The Process

I would consider myself a very fit individual, but there’s running fit and gym fit. I am running fit. So much so, I decided that a casual 4k run to (and from) my personal training session on Clapham Common, with only a banana to fuel me, would be a walk in the park. Many of Michael’s clients are trained at home, but being such a beautiful day, I opted for the Common.

Michael turned up with a bag full of exciting equipment; boxing gloves, TRX, resistance bands, and mats (so I didn’t have to sit on the uneven, bobbly ground). First off, he began by testing my fitness levels with a warm-up; a mixture of light cardio, planking & abs. Deciding I was fairly fit and knowing I wanted a ‘tough’ workout, he devised a routine that would work my whole body.

Using just the TRX, the mat and a large resistance band, Michael guided me through bodyweight exercises such as jumping lunges and squats, as well as strength exercises using the TRX – which worked my legs, arms and abs. In between each set, I did a minute’s ‘blast’ of chest-to-floor burpees into a tuck jumps, to really raise the pulse. We finished off with some cardio – my favourite. With a resistance band around my waist, which Michael was holding onto, I set off sprinting across the park – by this point, the conversation I’d managed to hold up for most of the session was replaced by heavy breathing.

Forty five minutes later and after a few light stretches, I was off on my 4k run home. It was slow and my legs felt like jelly – the sign of a good workout.

The Results

I was pretty sore when I woke up the next morning, particularly my obliques, abs and arms – a feeling I oddly, quite like, as it makes you feel you’ve really worked hard. I have always been quite sceptical about how effective a personal training session outside of a gym can be. The answer is very. As with any workout, you get out what you put in – it helps when you have a coach who really knows what they are talking about though, like Michael.

The Details

Brigo PT provides nutrition, exercise and lifestyle services, for women who want to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing, and increase their energy levels. Programs are tailored to each client, whether it’s at their home or in a local park – Michael and his team are all about flexibility and convenience, helping women gain back that all important ‘me’ time.

brigopt.com; 02031055459; hello@brigopt.com

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