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Massage & Facial at Adamina Spa

The Blurb:

Having initially walked past Adamina Spa due to its very ordinary façade, I was rendered quite speechless when I finally found and entered the former bank. A large open reception area with high ceilings lead down a narrow staircase and into the marvelously renovated vaults. Down here I was lead along a heavenly walkway to the changing room and sauna where I got ready in peace. I was made to feel extremely relaxed from the outset.

The Process:

I waited for the masseuse in the comfort room where I reclined in an armchair with a magazine. The lovely masseuse turned up a few minutes later and took me up to the massage room – a cosy and atmospheric room with good lighting and music. As I chose the deep tissue massage, she began by asking me which level of intensity I required. I chose high-pressure, which turned out to be not high enough: I wanted more digging-in-thumb action and more focus on my shoulders and back (which I did request). Aside from that, it was an extremely tranquil experience and the masseuse’s warm disposition made me feel very comfortable and looked after.

After downing a delicious liquorice and cinnamon tea, I was taken next door to the facialist – a slightly less warm therapist but not unfriendly. She asked me for the history of my face and I sort of stammered through it with much reference to inhospitable weather and stress-spots, to which her diagnosis was a special facial that both hydrates and cleanses pores. I must say it was very refreshing. My face felt like a new-born babe’s and I pictured my dull visage to be transformed – but alas, there was no aesthetic difference: I emerged just as blemished and blotchy as when I entered. She also didn’t give me any info on what she would be putting on my face or advice on how to look after it in future.

The Result:

Overall, it was a lovely, meditative experience and I would have loved to have spent a whole day there (as it was, I think I arrived near to closing time so it felt a little rushed). However, it was an experience that had no lasting effects: I went in with a sore back I had been saving up all week and left with it sill in place, and I entered with weather-beaten cheeks that still looked pretty beaten on the way out. Having said that, it seems to be the kind of spa that has regulars with treatments taking effect over time, so perhaps I’ll give it another go!

Adamina Spa, 276-280 Kensington High Street, London, W8; www.adaminaspa.com; 020 7751 1611

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