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Lip Filler with Dr Sara, Dr Rasha Clinic Mayfair

The Blurb

Situated in the characterful pedestrian street of Shepherds Market in Mayfair, Dr Rasha Clinic is a stylish boutique establishment nested amongst art galleries and coffee shops. 

Dr Rasha is one of London’s most highly respected cosmetic doctors. Her team’s reputation for passion and a wealth of experience, as well as their unrivalled patient approach, means that they have a huge following in the UK and Internationally. 

The Process

Dr Sara was professional and reassuring from the moment I walked in. The clinic itself was fully booked that day and, I was told, had been non-stop all month, but Dr Sara was unflappable and the enthusiasm she displayed for her work was infectious.

Firstly, we sat down and talked about what I wanted. I told Dr Sara that I’d never had my lips done before but that I wanted a refresh. I’ve noticed recently that my upper lip, once prominent on my face, now felt like it had thinned. I didn’t want a huge change, but to look fresher without anyone being able to figure out what was different. Dr Sara said I’d come to the right place.

We went for 1ml of a light hyaluronic acid. The general rule at the clinic is that if you want to go for something bigger and more intense, you have to build it up. As I wanted something subtle, this approach worked for me. 

The actual process was more painful than I’d experienced with other treatments but very brief. The gel contained a numbing agent, so after the first pinpricks, I couldn’t feel a thing. Afterwards, there was a slight swelling. She said she could see that I’d bruise lightly, but that it was nothing a bit of concealer or lipstick couldn’t cover up for a couple of days. 

I was very pleased with the initial results and moved out onto the stylish walkway feeling absolutely fabulous. The following bruising was actually quite intense though, and for a week I had to wear brown/red lipstick. However, it didn’t get in the way of my week as no one seemed to notice, even when I ate out. 

The Results

I can’t stop looking at the results. They’re so subtle! It really has made a huge difference to my face without making it feel ‘done’. For fillers, I can’t recommend Dr Rasha and her team enough.

Lip filler with Dr Sarah starts at £250


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