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Lip & Cheek fillers with Dr Olivia Beresford

What They Say

Dr Olivia Beresford specialises in helping men and women to age well from the inside out with a curated selection of effective wellness and aesthetics treatments. In 2001, she qualified as a Doctor in Australia but her passion for aesthetic medicine began after the birth of my second son… A single simple facial aesthetics treatment improved her confidence so much and she felt like a new woman. She realised then that she didn’t have to worry about getting and looking older anymore – with modern techniques and products, it is possible to stay looking your youthful self for years to come. She wanted everyone to discover this feeling…

Since 2016, Dr Olivia has completed several prestigious training programmes in Aesthetic Medicine in London Harley Street and the US. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine from the Queen Mary University of London and is an Affiliated Member of the Aesthetics Complications Expert Group (ACE), which aims to improve patient safety in aesthetic practice. She is also a member of the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP), an organisation promoting public safety and good practice in non-surgical aesthetics.

The Process

My initial reason for visiting Dr Olivia was that I had tried facial filler in my cheeks a few years back, plus more recently in my lips, so I wanted to even out and refresh what was still there.

On inspection, Dr Olivia pointed out that one cheek was ever so slightly more defined than the other (most likely to do with the side of the bed I sleep on). She also noted that my lips didn’t need much, explaining that over time filler attracts less moisture, so a small top-up in the lips is usually all that is needed to wake up the filler that’s already there.

With the above in mind, we decided on the tiniest amount of hyaluronic acid filler in both my lips and cheeks – the aim with the lips being to jolt them awake, and with the cheeks, to support the under-eye area (the reason I’d had them done in the first place). Additionally, Dr Olivia noted my face had lost a bit of volume under the eye towards my nose, so – using a slightly different method with a blunt needle, to avoid blood vessels around the delicate eye area – we opted for a tiny bit of filler just next to my nose on either side, for a more youthful effect.

Though the procedure required minimal filler, it also required detailed precision, so there were quite a few injection sites. There was a small amount of numbing cream applied to my lips, but with the cheeks, we used nothing – Dr Olivia’s manner and skill with the needle being both so gentle that we didn’t need it.

The Results

Dr Olivia is a genius. My face feels completely rejuvenated, fuller and plumper. My cheeks feel even and my lips have never looked better. The added bonus is that the injections nearer my nose have somehow made my face feel like it did ten years ago. I’ve already recommended that particular trick to several of my friends.

The Details

1ml Juvederm Vycross costs £420, plus £360 for any additional 1ml per session. Dr Olivia uses fillers from the Teoxane RHA range.

Dr Olivia Beresford, 10 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PF

07814 728 547



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