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Lip and Cheek Fillers with Dr Joshua Van der Aa

They Say

Dr Joshua Van der Aa has been the face of our clinic since it opened in 2020 breaking new ground as the youngest aesthetics expert in Harley Street to own his own practice.

He is the medical director and our sole practising doctor, an outspoken campaigner for natural-looking results whose work is dedicated to no-tell, delicate enhancements and to restoring balance, youth and harmony to what Mother Nature gave us.

In five years in aesthetics, he has tweaked, rejuvenated or repaired more than 8,000 faces and his reputation has spread way beyond the UK and his native Belgium as his growing list sees patients fly in regularly from as far as New York and Qatar in search of the artful and near-imperceptible results he delivers.

The Process

I meet Dr Joshua in his bright, Harley Street penthouse consulting room. We discuss where I’d like more volume – I show him old pictures. He agrees and we decide on a dash on the outside of the cheekbone, and a dash in the upper and lower lips.

Subtlety is Dr Joshua’s wheelhouse, and I was no exception. He fills the lips according to their innate anatomy; a sure-fire way to ensure a natural result. We don’t overfill them, not enough for anyone to notice ‘work’, but enough to make me look better, in a ‘not sure what she’s done’ sort of a way.

Dr Joshua begins with the cheeks. Quick and painless. He then moved on to the lips – always slightly more tender – but equally quick and, really, not bad. The results are instant, and impressive.

I definitely felt listened to by Dr Joshua, he was keen to understand exactly what I meant, rather than just striding forth with his own plans, and the results are testament to this.

The Result

Love it! Super natural, yet just that bit more plumped. Lateral volume in the cheeks gave the lower face a slight lift, and I can now go lipstick free, even when I want to look my best.

There was no bruising over the following days, and I’m told the results should last at least a year!

The Details

Dr Joshua Harley Street Aesthetics; 10 Harley Street; W1G 9PF; info@drjoshua.co.uk; 07534905986



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