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'For decades, King’s Road Dental Clinic has fought the ‘British teeth’ stereotype'

King’s Road Dental Clinic

The blurb

For decades, King’s Road Dental Clinic has fought the ‘British teeth’ stereotype that lingers despite our best efforts to clean up our act. In addition to offering the latest in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, the practice also champions oral health with a thorough approach to hygienist therapy.

The process

In my opinion, those who say they don’t like going to the dentist just haven’t found the right one. Once you come across a dental practice where you are made to feel comfortable, looked after and start to believe you too could have a gleaming A-lister smile, the rest is history. Perhaps that’s why King’s Road Dental Clinic has built up such a loyal customer base.

After filling in the usual paperwork with questions about my medical history, I was shown to the treatment room, where hygienist Justina Satkeviciute would be polishing my teeth to pearly white perfection. She started by asking me about any concerns I might have, and I felt instantly at ease as she talked me through the cleaning process, which involves removing any plaque and stains. She also checked that my gums were healthy, and showed me how to perfect my flossing technique.

I took the opportunity to ask Justina a whole raft of questions about oral health, and she patiently and expertly answered them all and offered advice on everything from how to prevent staining to picking the right mouthwash.

The result

My teeth looked and felt sparkling clean, and I left armed with a complimentary electric toothbrush and lots of helpful advice on how to maintain a healthy smile.

The details

Hygiene cleaning, £110 for the first appointment, thereafter £80
295 King’s Road, London SW3 5EP; www.kingsroaddentalclinic.com; 020 7351 1685

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