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'Each facial is bespoke'

Joanne Evans

The blurb

I rarely get facials but after reading up on Joanne Evans, I was confident I was in safe hands. An apparent wealth of knowledge after 25 years’ experience, it’s easy to see why Joanne is such a sought-after facialist.

Exclusively using products from Environ, a South African brand that is known for its self-renewing, all-natural treatments, working from the inside out, Joanne Evans’ process helps skin to become gradually more comfortable with the increased amounts of vitamin A that skin usually lacks.

I’ve always been blessed with good skin. The odd spot here and there, visible pores and blemishes, but nothing for concern. For this reason, I’ve never invested in facials. I look after my skin and use what I believe are good products but if I’m completely honest, I stick to good old facial wipes.

The process

I started off with a skin analysis using a machine that delved deep and looked at not only wrinkles and lines, but also sun damage and pigmentation. I sat down warily while the machine took pictures of my face. Thankfully, apart from some dryness and a few developing wrinkles around my eyes, there was nothing much to worry about.

I was taken down to a cosy room and prepared for my facial. Sandra started off by pre-cleansing my skin while talking through the products and how they would help. Sandra expressed that each facial is bespoke to an individual’s needs and no two people are the same. There were plenty of steps that went into my facial from steaming to the extraction of blackheads – something I personally never know how to deal with.

The Environ Vitamin A mask was applied and Sandra began the laser treatment. Sound waves were massaged into my face and neck by a probe to make sure that the skin was penetrated with active ingredients 4,000 times more than usual. This, apparently, starts the renewing process and begins to combat dull and dehydrated skin. A couple more treatments were applied and after a full 90 minutes, it was time to go home.

​The results

I left with my face feeling soft and fresh – I even got an Uber home to ensure my face didn’t have to endure the muggy tube air.

A day passed and although my skin was feeling great, I didn’t feel much of a difference. I do, however, believe that I would have seen more prominent results if there was an issue with my skin such as acne or pigmentation. Sandra took me through what routine she thought I should use and since then, I’ve concentrated on my skin’s needs more. Overall, this was a good facial for people who have something they want to challenge.

The details

Joanne Evans Skin Matters Advanced Vitamin Facial, £165.

Bodyism, 224 Westbourne Grove, London W11; club.bodyism.com/bodyism-london

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