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Botox and Profhilo with Dr Sam at Mayfair Aesthetics

The blurb

The award-winning Mayfair Aesthetics has an established reputation in the world of lasers and skincare. Dr Sam is one of their top aesthetics doctors and, with a background working in the NHS, he is exactly the kind of person you want working on something as important as your face.

The process

I actually came to the clinic with the goal of having a PDO threadlift. I had some eyebrow asymmetry and after a year of looking at my wonky brows on Zoom, I thought maybe a brow lift could help with that, but when Dr Sam took a look at my face, he advised against the PDO threads for my case. He had me look in the mirror and relax all my facial muscles, and then lift my brows as high as I could. The asymmetry disappeared, and he pointed out that the asymmetry comes from my muscle movement rather than actual eyebrow placement. His advice was that we tried some Baby Botox to dampen the asymmetrical movement as well a touch of Profhilo, to add hydration to my face. I was really impressed with this conservative and personal approach; I think it’s important to have a doctor who isn’t afraid to tell you when something is not right for you, and suggest something more suitable.

We started with the Profhilo. Dr Sam warned me that I would feel a pinch and some pressure, as the product settled into place. I did feel something, but it wasn’t too uncomfortable; I’ve had worse pain from an eyebrow wax. Eight quick injections later and the Profhilo was done. If you weren’t looking to see the effects, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t notice, but I could see some small bumps at the point of entry for the product, like small under the skin spots or mosquito bites. Once we were done with the Profhilo we went for the Botox. Dr Sam asked me to pull various faces, including frowning and raising my eyebrows, and then injected the relevant muscles. His goal was to weaken the muscles causing the fine lines between my eyebrows and on my forehead, as well as some crows eyes that had been developing. The botox was even less uncomfortable than the Profhilo, and was over in no time. The whole process from beginning to end was very easy. I felt informed, comfortable and listened to, but most of all I felt like he was really treating the face in front of him, rather than just giving a one size fits all treatment.

The results

Dr Sam told me that the Botox would take a few days to kick in and the Profhilo would settle out in a day or two, but the effects would continue to improve over the following weeks. The small bumps I had from the Profhilo disappeared almost immediately and the Botox was unnoticeable from the beginning. I bruise easily, so I did have a small one on my chin from one of the Profhilo points, and while I was a little conscious of it, it was nothing that couldn’t be covered up by a quick wave of the concealer wand.

The bruise settled down after a few days, and the effects of the Botox started to be noticeable. If you haven’t had botox before, it’s a slightly strange feeling. The best comparison I can give is like when you’ve had a tooth out and you’re slightly out of control of your mouth – except on your forehead.

I definitely saw a difference in the height of my eyebrows, which is it’s lovely and subtle, and I can still express very naturally. The biggest difference I’d say is in my crow’s feet. I hadn’t noticed how pronounced they were prior to the treatment, but I definitely look fresher and more awake when I smile. The Profhilo has absolutely improved my skin, though it’s difficult to point out the exact changes. I just look like I’ve had a really good night’s sleep and everything looks plump and smooth. It was the perfect combination of treatments to make a positive change, but not look ‘done’.

The details

Mayfair Aesthetics offers botox for £200 for 1 area, £250 for 2 areas and £300 for 3 areas.
Profilho is from £300 by consultation and the clinic recommends a course of 2 treatments for optimum effect.


Telephone: Angel 020 3820 5416 / City 0207 920 9200 / Pimlico 0207 834 6896 / Hammersmith 0207 971 1167
Address: 52 Lupus Street
Pimlico London SW1V 3EE, United Kingdom

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